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Makes a clicking noise when driving.
91 ford escort lose speed on freways when exhilirating 60 to 70 mphs
My car is fine and till i go around corner then it will die on sharp one.
Even though it's been 21 yrs. I need to replace the metal between the filler neck and fuel tank.
where is relay that powers clutch to a/c at/low pressure switch on a/c suppose to have power on it
The front driver’s side wheel won't turn. We started hearing a weird noise/ with a slight vibration when in a right-handed turn. We had just replaced the two front tires shortly before we started hearing/feeling the n...
the timing belt, wants to ride, the tooth on the cam pully, why?
No gas pressure getting to fuel injection line, gas not pressuring up in it.
I think gas is not getting to the engine, not for sure is fuel pump is located inside gas tank or what.
wont go into 3rd 4th or 5th gear an grinds when putting in 1st or reverse,was told sounds like someone took the tower apart and did'nt get the forks lined back up or bent them any truth to this
just changed front pads. now the right side keeps locking up.
I had oil changed in WV and drove back to Northern Georgia. I thought I noticed it ticking after oil was changed but now I am sure of it!! Help me please, the car is all I have to get me around. I appreciate your time...
replacement heater core
was driving car and it stalled out replaced the ignition switch engine cranks over but wont start and the fuel cutoff light is on replaced the fuel inertia switch still wouldnt start checked fuses disconnect battery ...
car died while driving it would turn over but wouldnt start now it wont even turn over battery is charged i changed the ignition switch and check all fuses radio will work in acceries but not with key is on