No unusual noises, from engine. It was all of the sudden as well.

engine light comes on, in humid weather.. i have it checked and they say it has something to do with the fuel inlet sensor no big deal.. I started off to work and everything was fine,, I stop to get gas, get back on the road and notice the engine sounds a bit rough.. engine light starts flashing and the engine stalls... I put the trans in neutral and restart the engine it starts but idles very rough.. thought maybe it was a fuel filter.. but i have a " lifetime" fuel filter that needs no maintenance .. any suggestions? I need to get this solved because I am ill and need to make frequent trips to the hospital.. help!!

Just started. Always remains locked

When driving on snow the traction control light comes on and it becomes difficult to push the gas pedal. Cars behind honk at me because it is hard to raise the speed on my vehicle.

A couple weeks ago, after washing car, discovered water pooling in the drivers side front. No water running down inside of door. Thinking drivers side door gasket is bad. Can this be fixed at home with minimal repair skills or this a big deal. Also need to know what parts to get. Dealer wants to do the job, I think $500 is ridiculous.

ld it be the muffler no lights on just loud

106,000 miles

I have to pull over and shut it off and it restarts but it's happening more often. Someone said it's a computer that needs reset?

Car has a knocking sound when started and gets louder while driving.

this happened when a new transmission was put in like the car was not backed up, took to the dealer and they did something and the radio was clear.