How common is it for the 2007 Ford Escape's front brak. Line to crack and loose all brake fluid and brakes

Key stuck in the ignition

Since I changed the engine and do you have a phone number I can call you at

I was told that the code would be on the bcm but cannot find anywhere where it's located dealer was no help (suprise) they just want to chg $55 for 2 minutes of looking up. Any help would be appreciated

Not lighting up while installed in vehicle with headlights on and ignition on.

I have 2 wires hanging from near the center of the driver seat that have no plug. I can not see where they might plug into something. I think it has something to do with the seat sensor but I have no reference to compare what the under side should look like. (Code 49 flashes on air bag warning light)

Cruise still not working getting the same 3 flashes from self check

I have had the vehicle scanned, because I was told it was a bad door sensor, and replaced the gate (both sensors) and it still does it. Scanned again and no codes came up. If I leave the vehicle unlocked it does not go off. Only if I lock all the doors with the key fob. And it always happens in about an hour from locking the vehicle. Also wondered if there was an easy way to find out of all the door and hood sensors if there was an easier way to determine what is wrong. It did say while scanned there was low voltage to the computer...but the vehicle was running and the tech didn't understand that. The door ajar light does come on when the vehicle doors are completely closed. This used to happen once in awhile, but now it is all the time, with the alarm going off.

the problem just started. Is it serious?

where is the ac place on the engin to charge it and what is a better brand to use I am 63 and a woman and have never done this before

Within the past 6 months this Escape has broken 3 belt tensioners. The first shop replaced the tensioner and broken bolt. The second time I took it to the Ford dealer in Statesboro, GA emphasizing that I wanted this fixed not to have to deal with it again.

Within 2 months its broken again and a second dealership is telling me the Front Cover should be replaced.

i feel like they're grasping at straws and I don't have the patience or money to have the same repair fixed repeatedly.

I'm now an ex-ford fan...

Just had catalytic converter replaced, new flex hose, new spark plugs, tune up,and 02 sensors replaced. Service emission light came on again. Prior to replacing of parts engine was hesitating and did not run smooth-it was choking. Car appears to be running fine no issues just light came back on. All responses appreciated.