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Within the past 6 months this Escape has broken 3 belt tensioners. The first shop replaced the tensioner and broken bolt. The second time I took it to the Ford dealer in Statesboro, GA emphasizing that I wanted this...
Just had catalytic converter replaced, new flex hose, new spark plugs, tune up,and 02 sensors replaced. Service emission light came on again. Prior to replacing of parts engine was hesitating and did not run smooth-it...
Tone ring broke and mech suggested removing it for time being. 3 days later huge clunks, grinding, binding in front end. Now needs transfer case repair. No symptoms leading up to this.
way to check for engine sensors to be bad? can autozone run the diagnostic scan if engine wont turn over?
It just came on this morning as I was driving to work.
CD4E transmition failure While the vehicle turned on and posisicion park, automatically moves the Incorrect reading from the gear shift indicator, scrolling through all the speeds (park, neutral, d, 1 ,2 and 3) when ...
also, my alarm will go off while i'm parked? seems like everything is going bad all at once.
The check engine light is on the auto pArts place tested it and it said emissions problem. What could this be? He changed the air filter.
vibration just started
need to replace my alternator
Warranty just expired, now car will not shift. Told may be the transmission sensor. Any info on a recall or know problem with this part in 2007 Escapes where I may get some relief on repair bill?
2007 ford escape and i just went over 100,000 milse and it doesnt happen all the time. mostly while accelerating
I would suspect multi function switch, but i cant ck out for my daughter since she just moved to TX. Anyone familiar with this prob. on this model?