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What should I expect to pay for a new/rebuilt transmission for my vehicle. I was driving the vehicle on Sunday when suddenly it just stopped going, the engine was fine, plenty of transmission fluid, no leaking of flu...
What's the estimate or average cost of fixing a transmission? Should mine be repaired or is there an alternative to mine? Should I go to a "transmission" place or a regular repair shop?
The little 90 degree angle drain that goes through the wheele well is plugged up, I've pulled off the rubber hose but can't reach the little 90 degree angle drain. HOW do you get to it to unplug it and HOW do I get th...
While driving home last night I got a message to service emission system warning. What would this likely be? I'm out of work and very short on money and hate to take it in if unnecessary immediately.
Looking in the manual the description of what this light means is vague. My light, the image of an engine, came on and stayed on. I checked the fuel cap, and the engine is not missing at all. Was told by local Ford se...
how to replace a power window motor on pasanger door and whenever the car engine is cold gas pedal become stiff (immovable) occured about 3 yrs after purchest dealer charge almost $2000.00 but problem remain
2005 Ford Escape - South Carolina
Tranny and Transfer case are still good... what causes the differentials to do this? Do they get rebuilt, replaced, repaired?? how much?? Trying to find a place to do this, my mechanic said he wouldn't touch it??
I changed my shocks and struts, also i changed my brakes (pads and rotors )a balance is performed as well yet, I hear a noticable knocking sound when I turn right in both reverse and forward and even when stopped. w...
How much should it cost to replace the spark plugs?
Engine temp. seem to be normal according to temp.guage.So I don't think it the thermosat.
I need to change out the trans filter and replace the fluid how much would you charge for this?
My Ford Escape lost power and stopped running the computer and coils burnd out at the same time they were replaced and it did it again with in 30 miles. The shop told me it was because the Catalytic Converters were cl...
My 2005 Escape won't start unless I spray the wires with WD40. Where would the most likely spot be for moisture to collect?
On my ford escape why doesnt my 4X4 light come on when im out driving in the snow and my tires start spinning?