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my belt broke so i dont know the routing diagram
losing power, engine light coming on, car was missing, air consitioner stoped working part of time
What type spark plugs should be used in the 2.3L Escape and how hard is it to replace them!!!
Car jerks when taking off and when braking kinda jerks
What type spark plugs should be used in the 2.3L Escape
Are there special tools required to replace the serpentine belt on the 2005 ford escape?
I am having a problem with gas milage. I am getting roughly 9 miles per gallon in my Escape. Even under the worst driving conditions this is almost half of what I should get. I got new tires, changed the oil and air ...
The set screw that holds my shift nob fell out recently. There is an inner shaft of white plastic inside the shifter that I can't seem to put back to its original position and my Escape will not switch to overdrive. I...
This just started to occur. there are 77,000 miles on the vehicle. It only happens after heavy rain while the vehicle is parked. When I start to drive the "event" occurs and goes away after driving several miles.
how much would it cost to get a front right wheel bearing fixed
My daughter just called and it sounds like she has a broken tone ring. Any ideas of a good shop and what the aprox cost would be. I am in Missouri so I can't use my usual shop.
2005 Ford Escape Limited. Parked and not driven for 1 1/2 years. Battery dead and taken out to recharge. Car now starts but lights and all the panel intruments are inoperable. What's the problem here? Is this som...
The drain hose goes down from the ceiling down the right side of the windshield through the dash and ends in a little 90 degree plastic knuckle that goes through the wheel well...THAT little 90 degree angle is plugged...
lately car is either rattling or shaking upon at park at red light or parking but while driving car is smooth !! why?