Pass couple weeks, the throttle playe area was cleaned wasn't crack& installed new air filter. Then the car felt like it has a misfiring with a soft popping noise in the throttle body area. The check engine light began flashing, could this be the throttle control sensor? Can severe cold weather affect this? Is this a expensive repair? Feb 15 6:30 pm pennsylvania just started with this problem

I have replaced sensors on transmission and the driver's back wheel. Still no luck.

It's my mom's car and it has 37,000 total miles. Has been driven 1200 miles since the battery change in August. Smog tech says 2 of 5 modules (?) are working but need all to work to do smog check. She doesn't drive much so the family is taking turns driving it to get the other modules to kick in. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Also DTC P0403, Already replaced EVR.

Mechanic says I need a new engine. 95000 miles. Oil too low and dark- tried oil change. help. $6000.00 to replace engine. Seems high..should I go ahead or change cars?

Sounds like you are dragging something Feels like the front wheels are trying to spin at a different speed than the rear ones. The noise quiets after driving a mile or so

The Suv is stalling at 50mph while driving and the check engine like goes off and on. My question is what may is causing this problem.

I just bought it

firms up and stop faster. I can find no leaks and fluid stays at same level in master cylinder. What could be causing the soft petal?

alternator quit charging,replaced alt. still no charge,Tech said could be the e.c.m. Is that possible.Have checked alt wireing, cleaned grounds, and cables. Did charge for awhile,after I replaced alt. then stopped.coustomer did run batt. completely down. What do I do to fix this, No charging problem? 160,000 miles on truck.