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There is a cheap way and the right way to hook up to machine..what is this and how much does it cost?
Like a intermittant rattle sound coming from the right front wheel at low speeds over bumps. Repair shop says it could be the struts but wasn't sure. $550 would be a lot of money to spend if they are not sure it will ...
When I start the car it starts wirh high rpm, and fter it warms up it wil occasionl squeak when i let off accelerator. Will also make squealing noise on startup after car is warm. Idle is pretty erratic when car is warm.
My alarm just goes off randomly, while it is sitting still and locked. usually once or twice daily.
Horn and flashing lights wil activate when there is no one around
I have looked all over the engine compartment, but cant find it.
The leather trim on the door panels, keeps coming loose. It is just kind of pressed on or something, I keep having to repress it under the seam. I don't know why it keeps coming loose.
Both lights are blinking sometimes, especially in high rpm. brake light is red.
when you are backing up there is a grab while putting on the brake
bulbs, fuses, ok. changed switch on transmission, still no lights. is there a relay or another switch???
My 05 ford escape has been running really high rpms while in park. If I sit in park the rpms will go up over 4 and it makes a loud humming sound like when you accelerate quickly while driving. Yesterday was the first ...
my belt broke so i dont know the routing diagram
losing power, engine light coming on, car was missing, air consitioner stoped working part of time