The light was never on before. vehicle ran prior. A dealer diagnostics is how issue was found. 2 codes, ECU and ignition coils.

My sister used my car for a year and she used home made cd's and after I got the car back the CD player doesn't work any more! Like when I go to load a disk it just say cd error!

and a missfire what else can it be

Or reverse worked when I parked it.

was doing during idle

I have.the ABS break light been on for a while had it checked and said to be faulty light. Now when letting off the break & having to step back them, the break locked up. yet while stepping on to break your thrown very fast i might add in to drive with out even on the gas. I almost ran into the car in front of me at Windy's! Please help I have no idea why this happened! Or what the cause may be!!!!

I got the bulb but can't get the light cover off so i can replace it.

Nobody was near the car or the key fob that has the panic button

I have a 2005 Ford Escape 6 cylinder AWD and am changing the transmission fluid. I've seen the drain plug near the front, 7/16 socket needed, under the rubberized skid plate described. Mine has the plug near the rear, recessed plug where you only need a racket and no socket similar to the 2001 model. Is this normal for a 2005? Did they change the position of the plug during the 2005 year?
Also, I've seen five quarts of Mercon V recommended for a darn and fill. I've also hear this is a bit too much and 4 quarts is better. In the service manual, it says 10.2 quarts. I added five ran it shortly and it's over the fill mark. suggestions?

also what would be wrong if the cruise control, if you can set it then shuts itself off