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This just started happening about 4 mos ago...I bought the car brand new in 2002 . It is a 5 speed.
Vehicle developed a strong sputtering from a standing start through all acceleration and demand. Mechanic said things are jazzed up on top portion of engine. Yet , reading this forum makes me think it may be the coi...
Bought a 2002 ford escape the radio was stolen and now it won't pass inspection what can I do
Before new tires, dealer had 4/32 and 6/32 tread tires on each front & back axle. They said it would not cause any problem, but the vibration appeared after 2 months when weather started getting colder. Got 4 new tire...
I changed the egr yesterday and last night went to driving and the egr valve blew a quarter sized hole right out the side of it .
I insert the key and turn it and NOTHING... A friend said that there is a Thief deterrent reset button on them UNDER THE DASHBOARD but i CANNOT LOCATE IT. i HAVE TRIED UNHOOKING THE BATTERY AND STILL NOTHING.
It sounds like the seat belt signal but its not. Nothing shows up on the dash while the dinging is going on.