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Bought a 2002 ford escape the radio was stolen and now it won't pass inspection what can I do
Before new tires, dealer had 4/32 and 6/32 tread tires on each front & back axle. They said it would not cause any problem, but the vibration appeared after 2 months when weather started getting colder. Got 4 new tire...
I changed the egr yesterday and last night went to driving and the egr valve blew a quarter sized hole right out the side of it .
I insert the key and turn it and NOTHING... A friend said that there is a Thief deterrent reset button on them UNDER THE DASHBOARD but i CANNOT LOCATE IT. i HAVE TRIED UNHOOKING THE BATTERY AND STILL NOTHING.
It sounds like the seat belt signal but its not. Nothing shows up on the dash while the dinging is going on.
I'm having to get a jumpnow the life inside my car do you not work the chime on my door does not work and when I push the trip meter then turn my car off turn it back on its at 0 again
if place the alternator and the battery is bad do I need to buy A New battery
goes back to mileage every time it's like it clears itselfis it alternator or battery or something else