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the garage states all 4 of my flex hoses are cracking and want to charge me 131.15 each parts and labor. is this fair and how do i know they are all really cracking?
The coolant light is on but the coolant levels are fine..your thoughts? Also, when I hit a bump I hear a juggling noice in the front. I don't know if it is shocks or struts so what should I do? How hard/expensive is t...
My brake warning light turned on. Was told that I needed a new brake master cylinder. Two days after the installation the emission warning light came on. I returned to the place that did the work and they told me th...
i replace the air bags and moular but air bag light stays on i was toald that you had to repalce with new moular and ford had to program it ireplace with used
I just bought this vehicle and the battery light is on. The dealer said they did a diagnostic and it is the alternator. How can I be sure?
My six dics cd player will no longer play my cd's in any of the dics modes. It says "bad dics" even though I have tried several that I know are not bad dics.
Gas went low bought new gas engine started stumbling, put in GUMOUT ran out the gas installed ingintion coil, new plugs,then added HEET and filled up with 93 octane Inviggorate gas, Diagnostic reads misfire in bay 1 &...
The alarm goes off in my car every few days for no reason. The check engine light also goes on and off.
Check engine light is on. Just tuned up, plugs, filter, fluid levels ok. Diagnostic code shows P0401. What does this mean? What are probable fixes?
keeps going bad cant figured out why
car turns over wont start , now just loud banging noise from starter wont turn over
A few months ago, my power locks started giving me trouble. The remote will unlock the driver's side door only. Similarly, the driver's side lock switch will unlock the drivers side door, but aside from that, all the ...
I have a 2001 Ford Escape. I recently replaced the battery and alternator and now have to complete a drive cycle before it can pass emissions. After driving 300 miles, it still will not pass the Evaporative Emission a...
cruise doesn't work , never see light on dash is button on sterring wheel bad? how hard to replace?
Unable to remove the bracket the the front discs attach to so that I can remove the rotor. Can the bolts be that secure? Do I need a torch? Not enough room to put a pipe over the wrench for leverage.