I looked up this code, it said that there is an idle air control under speed error. The car stalls when under 2000 rpm, but seems fine above that.

when i apply the brakes it feels like its tappin back at my foot

Need to get driverside front axle off and need to know how to get clip to release

Had ac charged, was full with 143a ,no leaks, at a stop is cold,but whin you take off it starts getting warmer.

a/c only blows cold for a day after adding coolant, then blows hot every time i add coolant

placed the spare tire on backwards. striped screws. have to replace the screws that hold the tire. service tomorrow. at mr tire auto service center.

How can I get into the car or under the hood? Battery dead, doors won't open

2001 Ford Escape 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 164000 miles

Engine on my 2001 Ford Escape does not start.

My troubleshooting so far:
1) Checked for spark - spark on all 6
2) Checked compression: 185 psi on 4, 195 on another and 215 on another
3) While doing the compression test did not remove fuel pump relay - there was strong gas smell - so I assume fuel pump is working.
4) Checked all fuses - all are ok

What else should I check?

how do you set the timing on this car

how to set the timing

I have a 2001 ford escape xls 4 cyl 5 speed, 65k miles when i turn wheel i hear like knocking sounds,creaking when i turn left or right, can this be a belt? the surpentine belt i dont think been replaced. I checked the steering fluid & level was ok also i hear a wine noise in idle coming from under that back seat near the gas tank. i can hear it under the vehicle & in the back seat also.

Just bought a 2001 Ford Escape. When the engine is running at idle and you rev it up the idle stays high idle and very slowly returns to idle. It takes about 2 min for the idle to return to normal. The check engine light is on and I had it plugged into a diagnostic computer and it came up with an egr problem and now it says # 2 cyl misfire. Could it be a vacum leak? Is this a common problem? It has 120000 miles I bought it out of impound for 500.00 Anyone have any ideas? Im a mechanic but I work on heavy equipment.

I believe the issue is the throttle body or idle control valve. In morning or when vehicle sits awhile, the car starts, but then shuts down due to the idling hitting 0. My vehicle has 333,000 miles. Maintenance has always been just oil changes. It's a good running vehicle. Also, where would the throttle body be located.

door wont open from outside or inside

i have had a vibration at between 50- 65 i have relaced all 4 wheel brgs both rear bushings and now it seems to be intermitting , i think i have a loose brg in rear housing i have been told it was the torque conv.i have a hard time beliving this