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It cant hold an idle, even in neutral. Took it to mechanic and spent 800 on plugs, etc. brought back twice. Ran fine for two days and now worse than ever. It idles so rough it is almost rocking, and then stalls. Engi...
Replaced Throttle sensor but light is still on. What next?
No warning no rough idle no bucking or hesitation. It will restart when I shift to neutral than it will do it again. The car will run fine for a couple weeks than do it again. What do you think. No codes or service en...
Can I swap the COPs from a 01 Escape 3.0 and replace them with the COPs from a 01 Mustang 4.6?
After blowing out 2 EGR valves and following recommendations that it was a plugged Cat (Catalytic Converter) I finally after much ado got the Cat right behind the flex pipe off and a bunch of gray matter (not like the...
I believe it's a plugged CAT but my question...is there a way to know which CAT is plugged?
have 2 week old battery car will not stay on in low idle only when you push gas to go faster
While changing gears, I notied the shift was very loose, then tring to get it back in park it locked up in reverse and won't budge.
Can front ABS Ring be replaced without replacing entire halfshaft and estimate cost for repair Can you supply step-by-step instructions?
How do you replace Front ABS ring?
just bought my Escape 3 days ago. I was driving home from work, which is only 4 miles up the road and I noticed the temperature gauge went up to hot. I wasn't even doing much stop and go, it has lots of coolent in ...
I need to replace the right front lamp, i want to know how to do it by myself
my door light indicator on the dash is staying on and i cant arm my remote
A couple of days ago my car stalled. Everything just when dead in my car. When I got the car to the repair shop they told me I needed a new alternator. They replaced the alternator and belt. Next day turned the car on...