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Any tire that has been on the front right rim has had problems with slow leaks. Recently left front tire had to be replaced after going flat. Dealer said it was because of corrosion on rim - so our extended tire warra...
Now living in the USA with the Canadian Ford Edge 2011. Cost to replace the speedometer to a USA speedometer? Cost of the speedometer and installation of cost of speedometer?
when I press the brake I hear and feel a clicking noise on the shifter while its in park. is this a safety feature to bring it out of park ?? rotors were just done , pads are good , brakes great and straight
It worked fine this morning getting in, but when my son went to get out it would not open. Pushed the unlock button on door and remote could not hear it do anything.
Lights were flashing, and battery dead. Tried to charge battery, it drained charger quickly, remove battery charger and clicking started again and lights flashing. Cannot start, or do anything. Don't know what to do.