Happens about 4-5 times within a hour time

The air is blowing hot on the passenger side in the rear of the car also. only the driver side is blowing cold air

I'm having problems with my Ford Edge 2013 and I have just changed the cartelise and the car doesn't move as it's suppose to, and it make a sound when I put the gear shift to D or R

So I was in stop and go traffic this morning on my way to work like usual when I stopped and then as I started to go again it took the car a min to realize it was first tapping on the gas and then when I did start to accelerate, the car wouldn't shift out of first gear. I had to pull off know the side of the highway, turn the car off and turn it back on and then it shifted fine... Thoughts? Is the transmission going? Thoughts on cost? Thanks in advance!

I have changed Master Cylinder and bled the wheels but still have the problem read on line could be power boyster, was a recalled on the Edge but not mine

car is riding a little low for an AWD car as compared to when i bought it in 09.

I new a new hub assembly put in my 09 ford edge on drivers side of an AWD.

not blowing hot air at all when turn on!

Just replace engine

when heater is on the driver side air vents blow cold air and the right side vents blow hot air

I have 60,000 miles on the Edge. Air conditioner is working fine. I literally turned on the heat today when I noticed it would only blow out cold air.

I notice a service engine sign blinking on my dash board and I use a code scanner which showed code (P0446),I met a dealer which fixed the canister purge valve with new one but after the second day, the sign was still showing with the code (P0446).
please what do you suggest will be the problem, after I have changed the purge valve with new.?

My Edge has keyless entry and start. Sometimes when I get in the car and start it up, a warning comes on saying "No Key Detected." The car starts, but why does it tell me this?

When I am driving on the highway I turn off the Brake Assist setting and Collision Warning because I don't like it. However, I notice when I drive above 55mph, the car will randomly brake, even with no other cars around. It will slam on the brakes, and it will even send a warning message saying, "Collision Warning Not Available." Why is it doing this? And what can be done?

Change the battery and now the air conditioning want come on

Does anyone know why the brake booster issue was handled as a Customer Satisfaction Program, rather than a recall?

Passenger side has cold air only

Where is the crank positioning sensor located on my Ford Edge 2009 Limited 3.5 all-wheel drive

With heat turned on high, passenger side blows warm while driver's side, rear, and vent blow cool air. what could this be?

ac is blowing hot on one side and cool on the other side

2009 Ford Edge 30k miles... Air conditioner not blowing cold air. Will blow cold at first, but then stop, got it charged, didn't fix issue. Fan is operating as it should....Also noticed heat will only blow luke warm air, doesn't get near as hot as before. Any ideas what could cause both these issues at same time ?

i have changed out the brake booster ,both front abs sensors.have done a complete brake job on both axles.got a code for hyd. brake sw.circuit malfunction so i put a used abs module/valve assembly on.checked all the wiring and checked the wheel bearings.short of replacing the ecm i don't know what else to do.talked to ford and they didn't know either.no abs light is on or any other warning lights

I had the system in auto ac on and in dual zone( front driver side was set to 69 and front passagener side side set to 66 , it was about 67 deg. outside. There are not controls for the rear vents. all of the front vents were blowing cold air the rear vents blowing hot air. I had to switch the system to max cooling to get the back vents to blow cold air. I only had the car a week.

Car randomly overheats 1-2 times a week while idling, usually while I'm in a drive through and then once I get going down the road it goes back to normal and stays there even if I stop again. Also when Accelerating if the AC is on, I hear this whining sound but if AC is off, I don't hear it. And lastly the car seems to blow warm air when I have the AC on only when I'm idling. Thoughts?

I had snapshot for about 6 months car was fine before all of a sudden air went out went to get it repaired mechanic said I need to take it to the dealer and have them reset computer. Any idea how much this costs?

Typically when it is hot inside the vehicle, the AC defaults to recirculate to cool the car down quicker. When I adjust the fan speed, the AC returns to normal operation. Now it's stuck on recirc and I can't get it to revert to normal mode.

i hear a sloshing sound when making turns

I have replaced my catylitic converter all the spark plugs had a melted coil on primary a code reads out secondary system was miss diagnosed twice spent almost $2000 on it already trying to fix the problem replaced saved myself $1000 by doing the upper intake gasket myself and replacing the coil and plugs only to find out that the violent shake is actually due to pcm or ecm unit which has cause the number 1 coil to (melt) the faulty unit may catch car on fire burn all 6 coils and leave you stranded but enough ppl haven't actually reported the problem correct and some have not even gotten this far to solve it due to the code that was popping up of P0351 was miss diagnosed and solution was found through process of elimination this being said it's an awful amount of $ to be putting into a car with only 100,000 miles on it and is not due to wear and tear

AC first started blowing hot on pass side and cool on dr sd. then switched and blew hot on dr and cool pass now no display or AC started doing this 2 weels ago we reset AC, by turning off ignition in n and started back up and put in pk and reved engine and then stopped and it worked correctly for one day. now nothing

need to remove rear wiper arm!