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I noticed a ticking noise coming from around the bottom rear of the motor.You can hear it good behind the right front tire.Any ideas.Noise is not loud just annoying.Any need for concern?
My 2010 Ford Edge wont start occasionally (no sound, no clicking, almost like battery is 100% dead), but if I slam my door (and occasionally have to check other doors that have not been slammed closed) it will then st...
Having a problem starting on a cold start (winter in Houston +/- 50 degrees. Car will not turn over. If you hold the key forward, I hear several faint clicks, over say 5 to 8 seconds, then it starts. Battery tests...
Will not close with fob, interior push buttons (on dash or back by door. Any ideas
The noise only occurs when in reverse.
I need to use my edge on my job so I have to start it every few hours because in the past 2 weeks I ended up killing my battery when I forgot to start it,all of a sudden last night when I started it my check engine li...
so my question is. can i erase the code? the p0222
My backup sensor system is alarming all time. Reverse, forward.