Just replace engine

Where is the crank positioning sensor located on my Ford Edge 2009 Limited 3.5 all-wheel drive

2009 Ford Edge 30k miles... Air conditioner not blowing cold air. Will blow cold at first, but then stop, got it charged, didn't fix issue. Fan is operating as it should....Also noticed heat will only blow luke warm air, doesn't get near as hot as before. Any ideas what could cause both these issues at same time ?

Car randomly overheats 1-2 times a week while idling, usually while I'm in a drive through and then once I get going down the road it goes back to normal and stays there even if I stop again. Also when Accelerating if the AC is on, I hear this whining sound but if AC is off, I don't hear it. And lastly the car seems to blow warm air when I have the AC on only when I'm idling. Thoughts?

You have to lean up really close to the vents to feel the air...It is the same on heat also..There is not enough force.

It erases everything from sync and says no phone and does not give the option to add a phone, will not load/unload the cd player

My check engine light came on and I had the codes read. I received a code for the crankshaft sensor and cramshaft sensor. I know one of the sensors is on top of the engine because I can see it. However I don't know which one that is and where the other is at. Also because ingot a code for both sensors, should they both be replaced?

My check engine light is on I had the codes read and I received an error for the cramshaft sensor and cramshaft sensor. I know one sensor is located on top of the engine but I'm not sure which one that is. Pls help.

My Edge wouldn't start 2x so we replaced the original battery which was approximately 5 years old. It worked fine for 5 days and then the ABS Brake and Brake symbols appeared along with a message to take the vehicle immediately to a dealer. The dealer found melting around the alternator pins. He recommended replacing the harness. Next he said the alternator needed replacement. Total bill $930.

Passenger side is working, the drivers side not.

Do I have to replace the whole throttle body? Can I do it or do I have to take it in?