I had snapshot for about 6 months car was fine before all of a sudden air went out went to get it repaired mechanic said I need to take it to the dealer and have them reset computer. Any idea how much this costs?

need to remove rear wiper arm!

removed nut but still can not remove! HELP! Thank You

rear wiper can not remove!

arm broke but its hard to remove!

Need to know

It will not turn at all

Fist of all let me thank you for your answers.
The car has only 1 previews owner and maintained at a Ford dealership.

What is your opinion?

My vehicle's sensors are going hay-wire. The dash is telling me that my brights are on, tire pressure is low, doors are open, traction control is off, and I need to "Check Brakes." I took it into a dealer, they said I need a new Body Control Module for $1,100. Frankly, screw that price. I'll trade it in before I pay that. Any tips on how to do it myself?

The car sounds like a race car when taking off from a standing position, and it is very sluggish. My thought is it could be the transmission or the exhaust.

My other problem is when driving if I am changing lanes to the right or turning to the right it sounds like a grinding noise. I only hear it when going right not to the left. I am driving an all wheel drive Ford Edge.

anti theft not cutting off, can not start engine!

Alarm Security is keeping the engine from starting, how to repair this! or disarm.

Two issues:
1. Skipps/misses . I have noticed this happens mostly when oing about 40 mph. However it does happen at other speeds. Happens every time I drive it. Has been a consent issue for 60k miles.

2. While driving in stop and go traffic, it gets stuck in a low gear. If I turn it off and restart the car it works fine. Happens about once a month

In my opinion it has to be a computer or sensor issue due to the fact that it has been going on for 60k miles. If it was mechanical I would think it would have caused more issues or gotten worse.

I am tired of paying shops hundreds of dollars to tell me they don't know what it is. And or replacing parts that don't fix the issue.

Any help would be apreaciated.