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Van won't start only clicks new battery already.
Aircon turn into blower and comes out at flooring venttilation at speed 65-70
no thats the chek engine light==im talking about switch on steering wheel to engage selected speed
do i need transmission or is there a sensor or something that needs to b replaced
Is it the one that looks like an engine?
the problem just started, my locks will not stay locked they continue to keep trying to unlock. What can I do
My windshield squirters have very little pressure, they barely hit the windshield. I can hear the motor when I hit the switch bot very little fluid comes out?
The code is reading bad crankshaft sensor
where is the vent valve located at on a 2004 ford econoline e150 van 4.6 engine..when i try to fill it up with gas it shuts off or acts like it is full and wont allow any more gas to go in..it also shuts off here and ...