Foam Seal Between Dash and Windshield Sliding Out on Ford Edge

Bad adhesive can cause the foam seal between the dash and windshield to slide out. To correct, the windshield must be removed, and then remove and replace the foam with new parts.

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Average mileage: 68,061 (14,000–160,000)
2 model years affected: 2007, 2008
58 people reported this problem
35 people shared problem details
2007 Ford Edge40,000
Seal between windshield and dash apparently slides in and out depending on the temperature... Looks awful! Very poor design - should be a free fix for Edge owner's from Ford - it appears there are quite a few out there with the same problem.
2008 Ford Edge38,000
Seal was sticking out in a couple of places. I took it in to local dealership and the technician removed it. The service advisor stated there was a service bulletin on this and that it called for removal. Seems odd to me. I assume it is put there for a reason!
Foam insulation protrudes from bottom of windshield.
2008 Ford Edge27,000
My husband noticed the foam seal between the dash and windshield sliding out and he just pushed it back in. I then noticed the same on the drivers side . I also pushed gently on the windshield and noticed it moves, like its not tight. Dont know if this is related or not, but I also hear like cracking sounds, pops. I always figured it was the plastic dash warming/cooling and expanding/contracting?? I havent noticed any leaks or anything, but my car stays in garage so...
2008 Ford Edge31,000
Foam started coming up from windshield / dash area. Took to Ford Dealer and was told I need to have windshield removed then replaced back with new foam (there was not a recall on this)....cost of repair, around $250.00. There is no wind sound or leakage, so I told them forget it and started shoving the foam back in place as it came up.
My foam seal is coming out and I called the local ford dealership and they said they just removed it drom the dash, this would leave a gap where items could fall into such as pencils, pens and more as I do have childern. 2008 Edge limited
2007 Ford Edge160,000
Foam at bottom right of windshield and dash pushing out
2007 Ford Edge90,000
I had to have my windshield resealed because it was leaking water from rain and soaking my floors, also coming from the center overhead lights which were filled with water. The windshield re-seal seemed to fix it. Hasn't been wet on car floors since. Caution: mold risk.
2007 Ford Edge100,000
Same problem with the foam coming out between the window and dash board. At fist I thought there was a snake on the dash board.
2007 Ford Edge110,000
lower foam piece coming out. no repairs done yet.
2008 Ford Edge65,000
seal along bottom edge of front windshield protruding out
2008 Ford Edge150,000
Just noticed it laying on the dash. Not sure if hot weather gas caused it. Not fixed yet. Looking for somewhere to get it fixed.
2008 Ford Edge103,000
Foam is coming loose from windshield.
2008 Ford Edge20,000
seal came out completely on driver side
2008 Ford Edge98,000
My rubber is coming out from my dash and windshield.
2007 Ford Edge76,000
Same problem....foam seal coming out
2007 Ford Edge79,871
Foam seal between dash and winshild
2008 Ford Edge65,000
The seal between the dash and windshield is sliding out.
2007 Ford Edge47,500
foam was pushing out had window and foam replace
The foam strip between the windshield and the dashboard has bulged and started popping out. It looks bad, and I can't push it back in without making it even worse. Also, my horn has lost some of its power recently, changed pitch a bit, and only sounds from the passenger side. A few months after buying the vehicle late last year (~52,000 miles), I had the notorious, dreaded PCM issue, and was grateful that I found the service bulletin online.
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