Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC Failed Gateway Module May Cause Lack of Audio/Cell Phone Functionality

(11 reports)

Lack of audio or cell phone functionality may be related to the failure of the audio gateway module.

Battery was going dead after sitting for a few days, I found the negative terminal totally loose (floating around) Ironically, the dealer was the last one to work on it when they replaced the center camshaft. I charged the battery and car worked fine except the radio didn't work- the mercedes logo comes on & then disappears. The dealer says they want $2600 to fix this issue but cannot guaranty I don't have other thing drawing down the battery. -
Has never worked from day 1, dealer is lost and can not fix it and charges me for inspection every time, claims this is not covered by warranty. Just a lousy car -

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