Toyota 4Runner Problem Report

Toyota 4Runner Check Engine Light Due to Failed Charcoal Canister

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The evaporative emission (EVAP) system may illuminate the vehicle's Check Engine Light due to intermittent failure of the charcoal canister purge control solenoid valve or canister failure. Upon failure of the charcoal canister, debris may circulate around the EVAP system causing other emission control problems.

My situation seems to be almost textbook "average" situation. 1. VSC lights + Check engine lights appear, triggered by idle or slow RPM situation. 2. Tried "fixing" with tightening gas cap, taking neg. terminal off battery for 15 minutes + pulling fuse to reset system. 3. Seemed to work. Went for a couple weeks without lights. 4. Lights returned. 5. Took to repair (dealer) for diagnostics, quoted "bad charcoal canister and/or sensor". 6. Quote: $110 for diagnostics + $500 for part (canister) + $200 labor = $800. (this is at Elmhurst Toyota near Chicago). -
EVAP Issue Check engine light on as well as VSC Trac and Trac off lights. -
Check engine light on and trac control disabled. Gas mileage terrible when code P0440 is set. First tried gas cap from dealer. Nope. Code returns. Smoke test reveals bad charcoal vapor canister. $485 at dealer plus $150 labor to install. I am going to pull canister and look for leak myself before spending that kind of cash. -
Check engine light came on which also triggers lights for Traction Ctrl. Diagnostic shows code 0440. Replaced charcoal canister -
Check engine light on as well as vsc,trac lights. Dealer pressure tested the evap system and told me it was my charcoal canister. 435.00 for canister and 150.00 labor. I did not fix and have been driving it for about 6 months now. I might pull it out and check and replace rubber o rings, and reset the check engine lights to see if that fixes problem first. -
VSC and check engine light; told canister failure -
VSC lights on and same code. Replaced fuel cap, tested VSV, the charcoal canister is next. -
I have read a lot about this problem. Have had the two valves under the hood replaced and replaced the fuel tank. I am smelling gas fumes from under the car and the fuel tank is not holding pressure. I am guessing it is the canister... -
Check engine light came on. Trac control disabled. Code is P0446 Evap system control falure -
Same symptoms, same cause: canister failure. Local repair shop in FLL will replace the canister for $675.00 -
Same issue. -
what should be done and cost of repairs -
not fixed yet $$$$ -
check engine lights come on, trac control system disabled, Mechanic reset engine lights and it ran great. Now less than a week later it is on again. The mechanic said they need to replace the valves and canister. -
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