Honda CR-V Problem Report

Honda CR-V Engine Valves May Fail Prematurely and Cause Engine Problems

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The engine valves can prematurely fail. The cylinder head will need to be replaced due to wear in the area where the valves seal. Intake or exhaust valve failure may illuminate the Check Engine Light. The car may have poor engine performance and fail emission tests.

Engine Cylinder 1 and 3 faulty due to possible piston ring and (mostly suspected) valve fault. I have referred it to a garage to have it looked into. -
Shortly after purchasing used from a Honda dealer this problem began. Also had expensive sensor problem as well. This car has been a nightmare. Honda is not as reliable as reputation! -
bad valve cylinder nos. three -
No solution except to replace the cylinder head and probably valves. Told this by Honda dealer. -
Took in to dealer for tune up, found out the 4th cylinder did not have enough pressure -
At around 75,000 the check engine light came on on our 2001 CRV and it turned out to be a bad valve... cylinder block had to be replaced.. a very expensive repair, about $2,000... then shortly thereafter distributor failed had to be replaced and shelled out another $800, then transmission fluid master cylinder failed... about $300 to fix... recently had a loose timing belt but dealer tightened it and have not had any major problems since... since engine has so many new parts hoping we can get 200,000 mi out of this car... overall disappointed with this car... was expecting better quality from Honda... hoping to drive it to 200,000 miles to get our money's worth from all of the expensive repairs... -
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