Pontiac Bonneville Problem Report

Pontiac Bonneville Engine Stalling Due to Mass Air Flow/Crankshift Position Sensor Failure

(59 reports)

The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to stall intermittently. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the cause of any stalling condition.

intermittently stalling and engine RPMs revving up -
Stalling while driving, not restarting or will restart but then dies within minutes. Surges forward and RPM needle jumps all over the place. Have spent more than car is worth and replaced every sensor Known to mankind yet problem still persists. -
Random stalling was resolved by replacing the Mass Air Flow Sensor. -
Engine stalling intermittly. Change fuel filter and installed new plugs/wires. No change. -
car surges when n idle or at a stop light acts like it wants to cut off but doesnt already had the ignition replaced no solution for problem -
Stalling when you least expect it!! Replaced MAF etc - Crank Shaft Position Sensor is next. -
Car was fine and then it wouldn't stay running one morning. Disconnected MAF to let car run speed density mode and it ran. replace MAF and no further problems. -
Stalls Intermittently, as if the key were taken out of the Ignition. No Consistent Condition leading to stall. -
Reluctant to start but turns over great, stalls intermittently, idles higher RPM than normal and surges when accelerating. Pulled the MAF sensor connection and everything evened out. Planning to replace very soon...... -
Engine just stalls and replaced sensor and now it revs up on its own. -
Same issue. Any advice? -
i could be driving down the road then all of a sudden i will lose power and the car will shut off -
Engine stalled intermittently but then could go more than a day without a problem. My mechanic said when he tapped on the mass airflow sensor with the back of a screwdriver, the engine would sputter, so it seemed likely to be the problem. He replaced it, and there have been no stalling problems since then (2 months ago). -
Car sat for roughly a year had the engine rebuilt, oil changed and the mass MAF cleaned out. It ran for a solid hour driving no problems, now when you start it you can see the psi creep up causing the car to stall with in seconds. Tried replacing the supercharge control boost silnoid and it made no difference. help!? -
engine would start up and run fine till temp reached 200 degrees then it would run rough and stall and would not start back -
First one sensor went then the other about 6 months later... not that both are replaced no issues anymore. -
Random rough starts when cold, normal starts when warm. Momentarily stalls at random engine ram's, never actually dies, just happens super fast, similar to shutting the key off for a couple of milliseconds. -
I've had to replace the MAF twice within 2.5 years, and I'm having the same problem for a third time. 1. The car will occasionally die while driving (between 25-45 mph) 2. It usually starts fine, but there are times when it takes several attempts to start it and keep it running. Worsens over time, and eventually have to replace MAF...again. -
check engine light been on for 7 months- stalls out more often than not lately, hard to get it going again -
Not starting -
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