Saab 9-5 Problem Report

Saab 9-5 Engine Dies while Driving Or Will Crank but not Start

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The direct ignition cassette can fail causing the engine to die while driving, and/or it will crank but not start. The engine may also have a rough idle and run roughly. Diagnosis may discover trouble codes for random misfires.

engine dies and wont restart afterdriving apx. 20 min. after setting will restart replaced fuel pump still has problem -
engine will crank yet wont start and the check engine light stays on due to throttle body issues -
Codes P1312 and P1334. Replace DI -
The sensor has been on for some time and they told me it was the ignition coil and that eventually it would leave me stranded. 6 months later its been ok... until a couple of weeks ago. Twice it has shut off while driving and idling has gotten super rough. Today, it kept cranking and wouldn't turn over. Eventually it did and it was a rough ride. -
car just dies while driving...without any warning!!! haven't had it diagnosised yet. -
engine warning light came on. code said to replace direct ignition coil. Replaced and ran fine for a few days, now have the same problem again, only worse -
My engine fails to start and then when it does it idles roughly, runs roughly all the time. Sounds like the engine is "skipping" -
Three ignition cassette failures: 1) sudden failure without warning @ highway speeds (54K); 2) intermittent misfires and elective replacement (200K); 3) sudden failure @highway speeds with a single misfire 1 minute prior (241K) -
Apparently there is a recall still in affect for the DIC, replaced by dealership and problem solved. -
Car stops while driving or cranks but doesnt start. -
Stalls at times or turns over but will not start -
I had the same problem my Saab will shut right off,and I checked everything and it was my crank poisition sensor -
Car died will srart but won't crank -
Car does not start after sitting in rain. Dies in idle, dies when going up or down inclines. Runs perfectly in warm, dry weather. Stalls at low speeds. -
Engine cranks but wont start. tried starter fluid and got a start and revved up to 3,000 rpm then idled and stalled. back to initial problem of cranking without a start. could it be DIC, MAF sensor, fuel pump / clogged filter, or throttle body issue??? Any advice? -
Car would not idle properly and would die when idling. tried cleaning the mass flow sensor and disconnecting it. The is is the throttle body failing or failed. The mechanical throttle cable allows the car to be drivable but not designed to be used continuously. It throws a check engine alert and code. Replacing the throttle body is only option. About $400-500 plus labor. -
Engine stops while driving. Cranks but doesn't start for anywhere from 1-2 minutes to an hour later. Has always started eventually. -
Engine stalls while city driving. Does not start immediately after. -
Starts fine while engine is cold, but upon trying to restart while engine is warm, cranks but no start. Also had engine die while slowing down to stop. Replaced plugs, fuel filter & cleaned throttle body intake valve. Engine would not start after warm & must wait a period of time before restarting engine. Engine seems to run smoother with new plugs & filter. Fear it's the DI cassette, but going to try the CPS first. -
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