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I need to charge the A/C & can't find the port. Maybe I'm dumb.
My air conditioning is bone dry and I would like to charge it myself. Is there a simple kit I can purchase to do the job?
Cooling fans, reverse lockout, shift light, and speedo all quit working after sitting for 2 months. I shot the fuse box and found fuse# 2,3,4,5 with no voltage..does anyone have an idea as to what these fuses are for...
After further research, it looks like I have lost a few things at once...has anyone seen this happen...been told it could be the ignition switch and also the computer...any others seen this happen
I had my car in storage about two months and drove it today. The speedo and cooling fans quit working as well as the shift lights...can you please help
Will a leaking header exhaust gasket make the car run bad?
How do you remove the battery
wiring for windshield wiper