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the airbag light is coming on and going off today is Saturday I can no reach a dealer until Monday can I drive it this weekend.
I took to dealer. They just had me "turn-off" the anti skid switch Dealer could not find a problem Anyone else had this issue? Resolved? 115,000 miles and bought it new. Love my Nitro This if my first real...
My door will unlock manually on the driver side door.There is no way for me to unlock the back lift door.
When we turn on the A/C air blows out, but its not cold.
I replaced the resisitor and air now exits the defrost only. It is on high with the selector in the off position. fan speed and vent selector do not affect the system. What is my next course of action?
What could be causing this. I drove it last night and it was fine. This morning went out to start it and these lights stayed on and it was making a slight banging noise. And the truck stayed cold. Wouldnt warm up at a...
The vehicle is also running quietly but the noise starts once heater is on.
What specific parts to change on a 2010 dodge nitro doing a tune up?
Also I have a musty smell coming out my vents.
how do i reset maintenance light