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4 wheel drive 3.7 sxt 6 cyl
the airbag light is coming on and going off today is Saturday I can no reach a dealer until Monday can I drive it this weekend.
I had a Dodge dealer replace the inside door handle that had broken. When I got my truck back, the power door lock/unlock button on the key fob doesn't work. They said the key fob power lock needs to be replaced. It w...
If it has time to cool off (sometimes 30 min to an hour). When I do get it started it revs up pretty high. I have taken it to several places and still don't have any answers I've had the computer read numerous times ...
I was driving the other day making a left hand turn then my abs light and skid light came on. What do I need to do to fix the problem?
I took to dealer. They just had me "turn-off" the anti skid switch Dealer could not find a problem Anyone else had this issue? Resolved? 115,000 miles and bought it new. Love my Nitro This if my first real...
My engine light is constantly on. The car has completely turned off on me while I was idle at a light or in bumper to bumper traffic. The pulling, dragging and jumping happens on a daily basis and seems to be getting ...
it seems to only make the sound in lower speeds and if I let the vehicle sit for two days and then start it up and drive it it seems to go away but then come right back
when just siting in driveway the horn start sounding
have to unhook battery to get it to quit
It might go it might not i got the part but i need answers my truck been down since October 25,2014 got it back Dec27,2014 ran 4days still having problems help.
I was leaving work i went to turn on my car and it didnt want to start. I thought it was the battery until it started. Then the throttle light came on and the traction light, i started driving then I noticed that the...
The nitro has 86000 miles on it and while driving last week all the above happened.and has been that way ever since.
remote lock the doors but then it unlocks. i put in new batteries and still not working.
Also checked blend door and seems to be working ok Someone said there may be 2 other doors one being a mode door? Also mode control is not working (distributing air flow to vents) only blows out of defroster
Also my gas cap light comes on along with check engine. Once my batter is drained and recharge those lights go out for a long time before they return back on (gas cap, check engine)
Diagnostic code reads p1180 closed loop fuel??? Not sure what that means
It doesnt have a key lock only opens with auto locks.i took of the small plastic cover from inside the lift gate but I still cant figure out how to open. Please. Help!
I tryed unhooking the battery for ten minutes, but this didnt help!