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Dodge nitro 2008 costly how much in 2008?

Drove 2 the store esp light came on car sounded like it was falling apart the light went 2 flashing rapidly would go out come back on at the same time the car sounded like gears grinding didn't want to go like it was falling apart haven't driven it since

Just got car tried jumpin it bout still just clicks

Can computer be bad

two heater hoses are hot ?

Can be 5 times a day or once. Brake goes in antilock mode on dry pavement. Could even be in the middle of braking . No noises, no grinding just pulsating. Took to mechanic 3 times, ran car with computer hook up. Light does not come on. Sensor was cracked and it was replaced. How safe is it to drive if no one can find anything wrong?

Error code C1219 for a 2010 Dodge Nitro 4L

when i turn it on off position it goes higher..please help as i need this fixed asap..please and thank you

Next to where I saw the light come on I see Esp bas when I turn the key.

I've tuned up my truck had the radiated flushed and refill and had my oil system flushed and refilled also I have know idea what's going on.

It has done it in the past two days. IS this something that I have to take to the dealership.

Driving and randomly I'll here a loud clicking like the starter then motor cuts out and I'll let off gas till it stops then abs esp and traction lights come on. Then lights will randomly go off for a day or two then driving and it cuts out again and lights come back on. It's not showing any codes

Changed starter still not starting,checked starter relay, its fine , battery life is good. Need help with this one.

The average price to reset the key funtions

The gate is secure but the sensor saying gate won't go out now.

Replaced spark plugs....and new battery


dodge nitro 2011 2wd 4.0 ,where is the thermostat location

It overheats after I drive it..what do you think the problem is..thank you

These are obviously not original tires for my vehicle. And honestly I don't even know if these are the appropriate tires for my vehicle.

oil leak from engine underneath what the solution

in how many mile i should change water pump

It would work one day and the next couple days it wouldn't start. It just started doing this a week ago. I also go a code for troubleshooting P0562

Only the left side is not working, I replaced the bulb and the fuse and its still not working!

It's been 2 years in 2014, my passenger side window/lock just stop working.. I guess it's just me and never cared but when friends sit in back it would be nice to let them have window down.. Is this a issue wth Nitro's? I own it .. I guess I should get it fixed took to Firestone tech worked on truck 2 hours couldn't find problem I guess now I'm go have to bite he bullet an pay $125.. So dodge can check it out I have replaced my 2 front struts/brakes rotors/muffler/sway link bar/serpentine belt 3 times/and just had water pump put ok Friday 7/29/16.. Now check engine light came on , it's an 07 basic model 3.7 engine, I got it when they 1st came out.. Do not have larger engine .. Had 3 recalls just one issue after another.. What could be the issue now catalytic converter?.. So sick of all these issues, truck paid off may have to just get a newer vehicle and advice?

Had belt replaced twice within about 6 months still get noise sick of so many issues with this truck one after another but it is a 07 with 197,000 so I guess it's time to replace or is this a problem that all Nitro's have?

I recently purchased this vehicle. Drove it home from the dealership when attempting to start it the next day, it had little to no power, started misfiring, so I turned it around and parked it. It had to be towed back to the dealership where are they check it out. And I was told it was due to misfiring spark plugs which two of them were replaced. Drove get home. Took it 2 an appointment the next morning where I can be check engine light came on. So I took it back to the dealership. So I took it back to the dealership. They told me I could use one of their vehicles and they would do a thorough check. 3 days later I picked up the vehicle and was told they replace the catalytic converter and gave me a blank warranty slip. My vehicle still runs extremely rough and sounds and feels as if it wants to stall. I told the dealership it still smells like rotten eggs and they told me it was a gas I was putting in. I've only put gas in this vehicle twice and it has been premium both times.

The anti-theft system may cause a no start condition due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) affecting the wireless control module (WCM) I think thats what happend to me

My Nitro still over heating after I replaced the Waterpump and Thermostat..?? Also I checked oil dipstick too no sign of yellow/orange sludge..But when I parked it when overheated the coolant antifreeze level is stil the same doesn't seem to be going down..Also notice the Rad Fan ain't spinning when u first start the vehicle ?? Hmmmm help ??

Fluid noted on ground under car.After work,a friend told me to crank it and check gauges, they were all normal,he told me to turn air on after that fluid was spewing from underhood