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4 wheel drive 3.7 sxt 6 cyl
Also checked blend door and seems to be working ok Someone said there may be 2 other doors one being a mode door? Also mode control is not working (distributing air flow to vents) only blows out of defroster
Diagnostic code reads p1180 closed loop fuel??? Not sure what that means
It doesnt have a key lock only opens with auto locks.i took of the small plastic cover from inside the lift gate but I still cant figure out how to open. Please. Help!
I tryed unhooking the battery for ten minutes, but this didnt help!
When my horn stopped working all of the controls for the radio and Bluetooth stopped working also. Checked all the fuses and they are good.
just driving it today and the malfunction indicator light cam on
the malfunction indicator light is on and wont go off what could I do to get it off. on borad diagnostis
I purchased a 2008 Dodge Nitro a month ago and it has broke down on me 3 times all with the same diagnosis, which was the electronic throttle control. The dealership says they put 3 new PCM'S and 2 new throttle assem...