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Car will back fire but will not start, Whats wrong..?????
Ran fine yesterday and never done this before. ...?
When stepping on the gas there is a delay and feels like there is something clogged in the fuel system. I took off the air filter to listen to the sound it was making and it almost seems like it's going to backfire. F...
Car never over heated ,went 3/4 on gauge runs warm in stop and go Pump installed at dealer in nov. But I don't notice any movement or transfer of coolant from overflow. New rad cap hose looks good not clogged. ???
rebuilt engine, head good compression 120psi, CKP, CMP sensors new, coil wires new, TDC confirmed. Engine was running prior to rebuild. Now it will turn over but not start, read about re learning CMP sensor after comp...
My 2005 Dodge Neon Sxt Will Turn Over To Start Or A Couple Times Started But Wont Stay On Any Ideas? Please Done Everything.