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rebuilt engine, head good compression 120psi, CKP, CMP sensors new, coil wires new, TDC confirmed. Engine was running prior to rebuild. Now it will turn over but not start, read about re learning CMP sensor after comp...
My 2005 Dodge Neon Sxt Will Turn Over To Start Or A Couple Times Started But Wont Stay On Any Ideas? Please Done Everything.
The keys turned off steering wheel will not lock when I turn the key's on the service engine blinks 10 time
Engine light is on. I had a diagnostic from Auto Zone and fixed almost everything they said. Car would run ok for a day or two then engine light comes on and it starts dying again. I have replaced the IAC Valve, Oil C...
Misfire Code P0303. Is it possible the car accident caused this misfire or is it a freak coincidence?