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i was slowing down to come to a stop at a light and then i noticed my car was off ??
i also notice an oil stain wherever i park, what can i do?
Changed TPS, Cam sensor, ECT, MAP...fans are ssporadic a tire shop put tires on that were 2 sizes to big in November p0123 p0073
Oil was changed recently, levels are fine, pressure is good. Only happens when stopping.
Ok it kicks when it goes into 3rd gear, vibrates most of the time...it gets really bad at stop signs/ red lights but it stops once I hit 50mph and starts again when it slows back down and has the battery, engine light...
Replaced the input and output sensors along with the coil packs and camshaft position sensor. Tried to start it and it backfired and moved the air cleaner. Still won't start. It has power and cranks but won't start up.
When it starts shaking it won't let me drive past a certain speed and it usually does it when I am driving on a hill. It will stop eventually too. But every now and then it will act up again. Any advice
when my radio is hooked up it will show the time and that is about it. it will not let me change the time or even turn it on. it is like none of the buttons work at all. it was just working about a week ago without an...
Got a new key, had been driving the car for a few weeks already when one evening while driving it stalled. Don't recall check engine lights or etc at the time. Pushed the car home and haven't been able to start it sin...
I changed the airfilter and its not the sparkplugs help
when I stop and go at a light my needle moves lower and sometimes goes back up where it was
When it tries to shift it fells like it goes into limp mode.
where is the fuses located and how do I replace them?