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I went to tje gas station the var car was fine. When I started the car back up it revs up maxing out.
It was running fine and now just cranks over but wont start?
someone told me my emergency brake does not work and won't pass inspection
The transmission shifts fine no problem but when you come to a stop it jumps I was told change motor and transmission mounts but it still continues
The gear shifter cable wouldnt go in drive so i tried to put it back in park but it popped and now its loose and it feel like the cable has broken and out of place. I think it broke and now im trying to replace and or...
As soon as you accelerate, the gauges go back to normal and the lights go off after a second or two
Replaced master cylinder and when pedal goes down after sitting a minute brakes do not hold. I will bleed lines again and also no brake fluid leaks. When pedal is pushed hard you hear a clunk under the dash
Where is the outlet located. if it even came equipped with one? The car was bought brand new and I thought it was strange not to have
Changed oil filter, shift sensor, in and output speed soleiod, checked fuse has power from the tcm, it is auto, when going to 2nd gear the car locks up,reverse find like slamming your breaks on.. Lock-up I'm, be-daz...
The steel bands r showing just put tires on a month ago and they don't wear any place else just about 3 inch's of tire on the inside