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Took 02 neon to mech to replace 3 motor mounts and stop horn from getting stuck blowing. After fixing horn and installing mounts the car wont start. The mech is stumped. Says he tried everything. Never had any starting or motor issues. My daily driver. Wanted to replace the mounts bf selling the car. Any suggestions what the problem could be? Thanks in advance

When scanned this code came up.

Idles fast in gear, slows down when stopped. It is a manuel 5 speed.

My aunt drove through a flooded road and got water in her intake, which in return stalled her car out. I was able to get it running after a few hours of letting it dry out and replacing the PCM Fuse. I checked the plugs and wires and had to replace everything. Cylinders 1 and 4 were covered in oil and now the motor is knocking but it sounds like a rod sticking.

When I start my car its like I'm pushing on the gas and I'm not? It's not shifting into gears stays in first the RPM goes high while it's in drive and when I put it in park? When I give it gas it continues to give itself gas it seems and doesn't want to change gears???? Can anyone help please?

Can this cause my car to jump time?

I am having issues getting my 2002 neon 2.0 sohc to stay running after changing the cylinder head. if I unplug the camshaft positioning sensor the car will start. it dies as soon as I plug it in. I went and bought a new one and it does the same thing. is it possible they gave me a 2003 cylinder head and if so can I make it work?

I already replaced the battery

I have to pop start it or charge it if i pop start it i could turn it off and on fine for about 10 times then it dont start and my car only clicks as if starter aint working if i charge it and turn it on then off it wont turn back on unless i charge it again i already replaced starter and tested alternator my dash reads fuse but i tested all my fuses need help please

Why is my car shaking when sitting in drive? Why does my oil light come on when I stop my car?

SXT. 199k miles. Transmission has been slipping badly when summer started. Also leaked really bad. We found out the gasket was gone, replaced that and the filter. Still was leaking but we got it to where it doesn't but it's still slipping really bad. Now we figure it's getting hot and overheating. Made the most sense since in the winter it was fine and when it's hot it's not. We put some of that transmission fix that's supposed to help cool it down but that didn't change it at all. I am at a loss and don't really want to replace the entire transmission.

And why does the steering wheel shake, there is also a humming noise coming from a rear wheel,is it the bearing ?