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Alert notifies me when I turn the car on. Chimes 3 times and says fuse.
Also while going down the freeway it feels like something is grabbing and trying to slow me down. It feels like the car is being pulled to the right.
it goes in gear for reverse but won't go and yet won't go in gear for park
a week ago it overheated (boiling) I have checked for leaks & found none. there is no water in oil & no oil in water. I have flushed radiator , replaced thermostat and it still overheats with in 8 to 10 mi. where do I...
I'm replacing my radiator and my rad fan sat out in the weather for a while. I dont remeber from when i pulled it if the fan spun freely or not while unplugged, because now it barely moves. Need to know if i need a ne...
Car wont start after replacing sensor is there a way to test the cam magnet?
Drives fine when i have to reverse it turns off and wont start back
Pretty much just need to know where the beat place is to splice the wires to add the switch...im fairly mechanically inclined so laymans are not necessary.
I see that a lot of people ask there questions on here but they get eather no answer or they get a answer from a some one else that joined repair pal. where our the ASE-certified mechanics and why our they not answeri...
got a vacuum leak wanted to hook up a smoker to find leek but don,t know where to hook it.
I replaced faulty TCM with used TCM same part number. Still shows code 0605. How do I pair the replaced TCM with my vehicle? I cleared the codes and as soon as I run the car, it will not shift out of 1st and code 060...