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where to start is my question and how to find a cheap mechanic
I have been told several different locations for this modal car. This is a 1999 Dodge Neon Sport. 2L. Someone has put a toggle switch to start the car. Will this effect the Horn operating properly?
the tech said it was intermitant but light stays on
drove car a few times yesterday then went to start it again no click or nothing
whats a good price to get an ignition switch installed on a 1999 Dodge Neon?
Drove the car a few places today, then went out to try to start it , no click or anything, and it wiill not jumpstart either.
I was driving my car and i noticed when i would stop, the oil light would come on, then it started flickering and it would come on while i was driving it, i checked oil level, it was a bit low so i filled it hopeing t...
When the car is not running the speedometer stays at 55
when i run the Neon on the highway, after it heats up, it starts losing acceleration. so i have to get out, release the pressure from the radiator, add a little antifreeze, then it runs well for another 5 or 6 miles b...
This Neon 2.0 SOHC started running rough awhile back. Then it seemed allright, then rough again, and now it just stopped running. It won't start. I tried another coil, but there's no difference. I don't know this car....
took my car for smog check. engine light on. error p0743, failed smog. how to fix and how much would it cost to fix?
I known the price depends on the rust and diffuculty but i have two questions. First can you tell me how much it should approx. cost if the rust isnt that bad and the job can basically be completed with out many probl...
Idles badly when sitting still, popping sound once or twice when I first noticed it ,,,misses when driving but when gas is incresed it seems to do better
Where is the resistor on the Neon, I am taking one out in a junkm yard and prefer to knoe before I get there