Ac working fine heater working fine vbelt very loose ultimately coming off

V belt made noises when fan was turned on had no problems with cooling 2 to 3 weeks since then belt has come off was told need compressor without inspection

I would like to know what I should be checking in order to fix the p0172 code bank 1 sensor 1 system lean on my 99 dodge neon, it idles kinda rough and sometimes shuts off coming to a stop

where to start is my question and how to find a cheap mechanic

I have been told several different locations for this modal car. This is a 1999 Dodge Neon Sport. 2L. Someone has put a toggle switch to start the car. Will this effect the Horn operating properly?

the tech said it was intermitant but light stays on

drove car a few times yesterday then went to start it again no click or nothing

whats a good price to get an ignition switch installed on a 1999 Dodge Neon?

Drove the car a few places today, then went out to try to start it , no click or anything, and it wiill not jumpstart either.

I was driving my car and i noticed when i would stop, the oil light would come on, then it started flickering and it would come on while i was driving it, i checked oil level, it was a bit low so i filled it hopeing the oil light might turn off, it did not, now today when i start it, it is making a loud noise and kind of vibrating, my brother in law thinks it might be the oil pump :(

When the car is not running the speedometer stays at 55

when i run the Neon on the highway, after it heats up, it starts losing acceleration. so i have to get out, release the pressure from the radiator, add a little antifreeze, then it runs well for another 5 or 6 miles before it repeats the same problem. It has the right weight radiator can, was told it sounds like the coil???