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once running idles fine and drives down rd with no issues i have replaced plugs and wires and now fuel pressure regulator symtoms still exist!!! any help on this
after a little bit ,the battery light came on and so did the gauges and speedometer. I replaced the battery because it was dead and this problem occurred after I replaced the battery.
I have to change the belt 2-3 times a week to have air and pwer steeing.
Awhile ago, I shifted into 2nd gear and the right (when looking from the driver’s seat at the gearshift) transmission linkage cable broke, leaving it stuck in gear. I have replaced the cables, but the car remains fixe...
We had a split on the top of our radiator and my husband replaced with a new radiator. He took it for a test drive, it didn't get hot. But when he got out of the car he heard a noise under the hood and the coolant res...
i am trying to install a water pump. and would like to know if the water pump is drivin by the timing belt
its the first gasket after the maifold pipe n b4 the extension pipe to the cat
speedometer also stops and starts, high beam light indicator is backwards
96 Dodge Neon with huge oil leak that looks like is coming from back of engine. Was told it could be a main seal. Checking to see if this sounds right and estimate to fix
were does it go on to replace . were does this part goes
after i fill up at the gas station the car does not start so i have to reset the pcm and it starts, but if i dont fill it up all the way it starts with no problem, would this be roll over valve issue?
selector for defrost will not engage all other selectors work .heater works fine just no defrost.