We have had this looked at but no solution. The back wiper has stopped working. Sometimes my radio does not work. Today, water is dripping from the front,overhead light. Is all this related? Is there a recall that I missed?

My 07 mag has been having the problems that I'm seeing many mags have, such as dying, and sluggish acceleration now and then. One morning, it just wouldn't start. It would turn over, with a rattling noise from the engine. Tore it apart, and I found when I turned the main pulley, there wasn't enough attention to keep the chain in the teeth, push the tensioner arm in by hand, and it turned right away. The tensioner piece itself (I assume it operates like a gas shock) is depressed. Went to get a new one at oreillys, it's the same way, says it needs to be extended, but doesn't say HOW. ... very frustrated, please help

The fuses did not look blown but changed anyway to see if that would the problem.

It ran hot a couple days before the shut down even but this didnt occur til i start running the this a severe problem

I will have to stop cut off my car then start it back up just so get it to shift gears. And one time it did it will I was about to park when I put it in reverse it didn't move same when I put it back to drive. I again had to shut the car off and start it back up just for it to go in gear

It stalls when it gets warm then I have to wait a few minutes to restart. It keeps doing this over and over again. There is no check engine lights on and the lighting bolt comes on just before it starts and then it goes out.

changed the motor on passenger side the cable came off cant get it back on can you help