the car will not start at all. is this expensive to fix and is it worth fixing

I was pulling into a fast food restaurant, and the back wheels just locked up

Its a friends car she drove it to her moms after that it just Wong turn over never had problems but it was a quart of oil over i drained 1 quart

Every time I make a trip with my car... have to keep it full with water in the radiator overflow and the water at escapes very quickly but I cannot find no leak. I'm wondering is it the hose or the thermostat

How much will it cost to gix

The problem occurs after running the air conditioner for approximately 15 minutes. The unit has been replaced twice within five years.

Car cranks normally and is really loud on the inside as if the muffler has a hole in it

Parts include all control arms adjustable ball joint and sway bar links

We tried turning it on after and it did but it sounds like it's knocking we checked the oil and it up to level but it smells burned

Replaced every spark plug and every coil pack, fuel injectors, did treatments, checked wires to coils. Keeps saying misfire in cylinder one

My car will not shift out of Park, checked the owners manual & tried the manual overide it suggested but that did not work either. Any suggestions?? This just happened yesterday 7/8/16 with the car sitting in a carport like it always does, its the first time I've really had any major problems with the car & i bought it brand new, & have put about 130K miles on it in the 10 yrs I've had it.

I've had a rebuild motor put in and had to change the PCM and now iam having a hard shift into 2nd gear I've read it could be the TCM.

Valve guilds were broken what service needs to be done to repair this and can oy be repaired

Can not dive smell overwhelming parked for 2 days can still smell gas

the stopping is infrequent and they say they can't duplicate even though it's been left overnight and when I come to pick-up it stops on me. The car is a lemon and I'm being juiced. My hope is someone else has the problem that can't tell me what to do. Already dropped over3g's to fix

everything i used was stock except the shocks are bilstein they will not align it cuz it's too high what do you think i did wrong oh yea same springs

if i accelerate or go around a corner it will stall about 5 secs after then around 3/4 tank it runs fine

I'm a little under 98K miles now. Quote for parts and labor was $1200. Is this necessary or how soon should I get changed?

My car started but my key got lock. It wouldn't move. I thought it was just a problem with the lock so I call a lock smith and they stay that's not the problem. It needs a new housing.

My car is leaking water from the middle of the car is this the water pump or something else

Soon as I pour water in it it begins to leak from the middle on the left back side in between the front driver and passenger side

When i turn on ac, it turn on normal under hood, but only heat blows out of vent.