Its a friends car she drove it to her moms after that it just Wong turn over never had problems but it was a quart of oil over i drained 1 quart

The problem occurs after running the air conditioner for approximately 15 minutes. The unit has been replaced twice within five years.

We tried turning it on after and it did but it sounds like it's knocking we checked the oil and it up to level but it smells burned

Can not dive smell overwhelming parked for 2 days can still smell gas

My car started but my key got lock. It wouldn't move. I thought it was just a problem with the lock so I call a lock smith and they stay that's not the problem. It needs a new housing.

I had the transmission replace an I'm having the same problem again so disgusted.

I changed the spark plugs and cleaned the injectors and it still won't idle or start without my foot almost buried its the Hemi if that matters

no code is found. wait a few seconds and it start back up , what could be the problem?

I was in a head on collision. I have replaced: radiator, duel electric fans, power steering pump, serpenteen belt, ac condensor, power steering cooler, throttle body and put in a cold air intake. Everything should be good but the car has a heard time idling and its smoking out the tail pipes.