I hear this buzzing sound coming from my A/C. It happens when I go above 45 MPH and I can hear it louder when I reach 50 MPH.

What causes my dodge journey to shake, mainly I can feel it in my steering wheel when I apply the brake.

While driving. Winding noise coming from power steering area. Drove a few day. One day just stop working. Won't start at all.

I bought my car at 81000 with the horn problems. The dealer tried telling me there was nothing wrong with it. My brother is a mechanic but hasn't worked on new cars. He hears the clicking as it was a relay but we can't find it. We took every relay out of the fuse box under the hood and it was still working!!!! Can someone please help me?

Radio dropped most all rf signal but very local channels. It happened gradually over about 2 weeks. What's wrong with it? And how do I fix it?

can you suggest here should I take my care to repair the Wiring problem of my Car. I stay in 07202, elizabeth.

something is draining the battery

u connect program and never could get my phone to sync.was told by several of the employees at local dodge that this year 2010 is not able to be used with the u connect program. Why in the heck does it have all the necessary hardware on the screen for this but does not work.They even told me they called dodge corp and it cannot be done. WHY????? Any input?? I tired to google this and tried to program and it indeed would not program??????Any help?Thanks!

This does not always work right away, What should be checked?

ad 1. stopping the car, turn off and on help to shift fluently
ad 2 speed about 80 km/h up, when I press on accelerator, it downahifts to 5 and doesn't get back, from this time it shifts just odd gears. Again, it helps to stop, wait at least 5 minutes, turn on and go. usually no rpblem untill it happens again. It I turn it on earlier, car jumps, doesn't reply to accelerator. I press it, car doesn't move, then it jumps accidentally.
I spent lot of time and money to fix the car, these 2 problems remain.
Trasnmission was out, replaced all wore parts, clutch damper changed, sensors, oil pump changed.

Thank you very much for good advices :-)

Would like to know what it is, about how much to repair