fasten seat belt light, brake light, esp,bas, abs are on, door lock will not engage pushing button on arm rest

I'm trying to replace my power steering high pressure hose, I need to know where the end of it is. I took the end off at the pump, but where does it end?

how do I fix the sound that's not working on my radio? Is it just a bad fuse?

Why does the remote start on our 2011 dodge journey start the vehicle then it stops 10 seconds later?

Yesterday me engine light came up i checked the gas cup all good , what it can be ?

Front air works fine back one doesn't

observed steam coming from under car, and coolant leak at rear center of engine...cannot see origin of leak.

Upon accelerating on highway, steam was noticed coming from underneath the car...arriving home I noticed temp elevated, and coolant loss under right rear side of engine compartment onto suspension.

I removed the blend motors and checked them and rotated the dampers manual still did not help. There are three on the passenger side.any advice

Less than 1,000 miles. Has happened twice. Once in driveway with almost no slope on it. 2nd time while parked at bank, rolled backwards across 5 lane highway with 2 kids in car. A man was able to jump into it, stopped it, confirmed it was in park. No one injured, but car was damaged as it hit several things. Dealer can't duplicate issue and so far refused to fix.

I need to know why this is happening with my vehicle.

When the back climate control is on the fan does not turn on, no air comes out. It was working perfect,one day it just stopped.

Tried to drive battery light came on now

Some recalls but none on all of these problems

I looked on YouTube and this is a common problem after you replace the starter...I can start my car in neutral..why is this happening?

I hear this buzzing sound coming from my A/C. It happens when I go above 45 MPH and I can hear it louder when I reach 50 MPH.

What causes my dodge journey to shake, mainly I can feel it in my steering wheel when I apply the brake.

Middle seat is jammed forward. Cannot put back to original position

twhy the ac blower on the paseger side no work who fix and, and ac raley location.

While driving. Winding noise coming from power steering area. Drove a few day. One day just stop working. Won't start at all.

I bought my car at 81000 with the horn problems. The dealer tried telling me there was nothing wrong with it. My brother is a mechanic but hasn't worked on new cars. He hears the clicking as it was a relay but we can't find it. We took every relay out of the fuse box under the hood and it was still working!!!! Can someone please help me?

One afternoon last week after a storm, my car wouldn't start, it's only 3 yrs old and has 38,000 miles ruffly, I thought maybe it was the battery, tried to jump start it and now nothing works.
I am about to deploy and my husband relies on my car. The dealership service department is rude and no help. Can you guys help me?

Found the radiator resistor but how do I take it off and remount

this has happened on 3 different occasions. whats the problem?

Do I need to lift the motor to install the return hose for the power steering

Where is the low pressure port for A/C recharge on the 2011 Dodge Journey?

My dad and fiance replaced the starter, the connector for positive terminal and front driver breaks and mounting bracket. He took it for a ride and it was fine. On his way back it topped out at 70. If he was costing down a hill and it went over 70, it started shaking like crazy. Then wouldn't hill over 30 once he got off the highway.

I try and pump the gas and turn the ignition and a click noise sounds and nothing. Then after a few more tries it starts up

While in motion speedometer stops working, abs light and parking brake turns on, uconnect turns off, car dings as if seat belt is not on and power for interior fan turns off. then comes back on. then goes off again.

bought off auction site was not told car was in wreck replaced all a/c lines. high speed fan works/low speed does not. have a/c out of passenger side but not drivers side