Where is voltage regulator on 2002 dodge intrepid 2.7 liter

I had brakes, tranny drained & new filter, blew head gasket so replaced both, changed water pump, Rings, bearings, He put Hydraulic Lash adjusters in box with bolts and tools, so he is responsible for that error. also he did not follow recommendation in manual for removing timing chain tensioner, had to buy new one, replaced 02 sensor,pcv,EGR, put belts back on. He did not label any lines, hoses or sensors. tossed wiring harness back and forth so assembly was slow also replaced coolant temp. sensor.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I did the O2 and cam shaft sensor and was wondering if there is another sensor that needs to be done. The whole top of this engine has been redone so all of the gaskets are good. Other than this code the car runs like a top.

I only may drive total of 50 miles a week

Can't tell how or when it starts, I just know it is a lot of oil. No mechanic seems to know what it is or where it's coming from. Does anyone here know?

Did a compression test there is no compression also now it's backfiring a real loud backfire what could be the problem

Oil pump is bad

Itll start and also at same time all park neutral lights ect.are saying theyre all in gear wont shift out of thrid gear all just started

My car wont start and i checked mostly everything and came back with the conclusion that maybe where my injectors or my oxygen sensor but i dont know how to checked any of them if there is a wat tochecked them.

Turned up idle helps unless running air. Replaced fuel pump & filter, spark plug & map sensor. At first only stalled occasionally then more frequently. Accelerated to pass other day, then that when restarting & staying running problem started. Any ideas?

I checked the oil and it's over the max line about 1/4 inch is this a serious problem or can it be fixed by relieving some oil pressure

(I only put a car because its required i just want a general explanation)

I've heard to trace the radiator hose to the engine then under or nearby should be the ECT.
Also I need the same question answered about the CKP sensor, Knock Sensor, MAP sensor, MAF sensor, IAT sensor, EGR sensor, TPS, A/C on/off sensor.
I've been preparing for a test in two days but every source I've been to doesn't give me a general way to find the sensors. I don't have a car accessible to see these for myself. On the test we will not be able to dismantle anything its more like the teacher asks me to find one of these sensors on a random of 7 cars.

I really appreciate any help. Thank You