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it started shaking while it idles now

Engine shakes REALLY hard when idling at lights, but stops once I start driving again. Also when accelerating it hesitates after like 2.5 rpms and check engine light flashes constantly,stopping briefly then starting again. Have also been leaking coolant for like a month

when you start car it idles kinda rough but when you drtive it it runs fine only idles rough in park

Where is voltage regulator on 2002 dodge intrepid 2.7 liter

Is there anyway to bypass to get running

Car starting "swishing" sound when turning wheel yesterday. Possible power steering?

Changed the fuel pump & the computer could it be the timming chain

A die test was done, the oil pan was replaced. It's still leaking. I have to add oil 6 to 8 weeks after an oil change.

timing, fuel pump, gas inject, RELAYS AND FUSE , spark, new PCM PROGRAMED, power to ignition coil, all these are ok

when its cold it runs fine as soon as it warms it wont run utilk its cool

runs at 2300 rpm on start up

I can only drive it to one place and back. If I drive it for more than a few minutes, I can smell smoke and when I turn the motor off, clear smoke pours out from under the hood.

The noise occurs every time while driving.

During a moderate wind the trunk will slam shut with out warning.

The noise is not from the road. The problem occurs every time driving.

I make sure to add enough coolant and I always change my motor oil a couple of times a year. Only recently, the car overheats so much that I have to stop along the service road and wait for it to cool down until I can drive it again.

I never had any issues with the underside of my car until recently. Every time I park my car and come back the next day, I would see a pool on the floor of my garage. It seems like it's the transmission fluid is leaking. I've went through potholes before and it never had this problem.

When I first got my 2003 Dodge Intrepid, the front tire rods were aligned. But, when I went to fix my car much later on, the mechanic said that I needed my front tire rods to be aligned.

Never had any problems, but only had the car 5 months. Has 157000 miles

After starting the engine, I smell gas from the top of the engine around the fuel injectors.

If the dashboard lights wont cut on then the car wont start if i sit the car in the sun for a hour then the dashboard lights will cut on and the car runs fine

I had brakes, tranny drained & new filter, blew head gasket so replaced both, changed water pump, Rings, bearings, He put Hydraulic Lash adjusters in box with bolts and tools, so he is responsible for that error. also he did not follow recommendation in manual for removing timing chain tensioner, had to buy new one, replaced 02 sensor,pcv,EGR, put belts back on. He did not label any lines, hoses or sensors. tossed wiring harness back and forth so assembly was slow also replaced coolant temp. sensor.

Climbing hill withe the pedal floored very hard

I just replaced my fuel filter and pump but my care is still having trouble starting and staying on. What else do I need to fix this problem?

My speed Gage is going crazy .
Stuck at 120

The water pump and thermostat hoses have been replaced Also the relay for the fan and the car is still over heating

car cutting off, acting as if i got bad gas, reves up, in park