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The Peter says crank shaft not function but I replace the crankshaft it still says the same thing
Won't start again until cools off or sits 20 minutes.checked diagnosed.no fault codes...help
My wife has a 2000 Intrepid 2.7. 128k miles I heard a tick when it was idling. I checked and put a little bit of oil in it and went for a drive. Ran fine for a while but started stalling out everytime i slowed down or...
new body now car idle fine run good as soon as you pick up speed 45 to 50 a couple stalls at a costance speed alittle stalls
Changed crank shaft sincere still won't start just turn over no fire
Changed crank shaft cincer still no start what could it be
Have checked fuzes. put there seems to be no power to the windows.
We Replaced the Ambient Air Temperature sensor and the code still shows up when we check it. Is the battery temp sensor the same thing as the ambient air temp sensor? The codes p1493 are present even after changing th...
Car does not overheat when I use the heater only if I use the AC
how can i fix my car that work as if the plugs are dead
i just experience that for the first time
RepairPal app question. Can I import data I have on my car from a spreadsheet?