The noise occurs every time while driving.

During a moderate wind the trunk will slam shut with out warning.

The noise is not from the road. The problem occurs every time driving.

Never had any problems, but only had the car 5 months. Has 157000 miles

After starting the engine, I smell gas from the top of the engine around the fuel injectors.

car cutting off, acting as if i got bad gas, reves up, in park

The acuator won't blend heat I can't get hot air only cold

Open the doors and no lights come on. Press the map lights and nothing works! Dash and instrument lights work fine.

The Peter says crank shaft not function but I replace the crankshaft it still says the same thing

Won't start again until cools off or sits 20 minutes.checked diagnosed.no fault codes...help

My wife has a 2000 Intrepid 2.7. 128k miles I heard a tick when it was idling. I checked and put a little bit of oil in it and went for a drive. Ran fine for a while but started stalling out everytime i slowed down or came do a stop. Also noticed there was no heat. Got it home and noticed a small pool of oil underneath. Checked the oil dipstick and saw that there was a lot of coolant mixed in. Any suggestions?