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Engine will shut down if I don't hit the gas and try's to shut down while driving on highway
I just changed the solinoid pack, and still no shift and shift solinoid c code.
can it be mechanic said it is not battery or starter
I just bought a used dodge intrepid, the oil light comes on and when I start the car there's a weird noise and the car shakes. What's wrong and how much to fix it?
I pulled off the fwy to go home, and it was a miracle i made it off the fwy, cuz I was on complete empty (gas) As i pulled into the parking area the car lunged/jerked as if it didn't want to move forward. I managed t...
I replaced the coolant temp sensor and the gauge still doesnt work. I have power at the plug and the gauge works if you test the wires at the connector. wht can it be???
i replaced the catalyatic converter(left bank) the o2 sensor, crank sensor, and have had it diognosed 2 times and no codes or stored codes. i have great gas milage and it dont over heat.
also was wondering and have been told that valve guides are leaking and causing oil to blow by and come out exaust after sitting at red lights for a few minutes...how much extra should it cost if also doing valve cove...
Only happens in winter!! Trans shifts well when warm. Often cant tell it shifted unless you look at TACH. Well maintained but high mileage. Always 700 & 731.