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hey ziptie12, pushrod, any suggestions. Car is sitting on street yet in front of house 2-3 months. Won't last. Neighbors should be gettin po'd. I am on disability from the VA. You might know what that amounts to. Not ...
1 of them is broken and can't find where they go. Car won't start after a idiot towed it with a strap and obviously broke one off. Could this prevent it from giving me no fire to start? I have been trying to figure th...
I changed the ECM I changed the cps and the csps I also changed the coil pack and it's still doing the same what can I do I'm running out of options please help thanks.
My Dodge Intrepid's battery was getting to the point where it was almost dead and it was getting colder, So I replaced it with a new battery. I thought my car would be working just fine again but no, for some reason i...
I changed plugs and wire's . It keeps saying miss fire on 3 plugs .
Power steering fluid up no leaks car only has 190k well maintained by shop other than that solid car flys good on gas
replaced both control arms w/ball joints, sway bar bushings/rod ends, all tie rod ends, all 4 subframe bushings and brake pads.
I'm guessing the tranny but am wondering if it could be the cv joints In the front axels//?????????
also the shift indicator lights are all lit up no matter what gear. any ideas?