Is there anyway to bypass to get running

I need some advice regarding the rattling noise. It rattles when I start up the car, driving and idle.

the it will start back up on its owe will a big jerking thrust sometimes i have to put in neutral to restart asked hundred people now one can give me the actual problem just what it might be if u can answer this u will be a god ty for your time

1995 intrepid no start sometimes until I get the sun shining on it with hood up for 10 min then it starts...(no joke). Then after driving 1/4 mile engine shuts off. I park it (on side of road) and then starts right up and is good rest of day. I do need to replace my battery..just a fyi.
Have replaced coil and plug wires also

alternator I good,would it have burnt out the unit beside the vbattery?

How do i check struts?

What do i have to do,to check to see if struts are bad

Is it possible to put top plates on wrong side!

it the rear back end driver side

looked under knee protectors and under the hood, hmmmmm

all blinkers went out. ch'd the normal fuses, think its the flasher fuse