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It coming from by the timing chain or crankshaft I think.
neutral. I gun the engine 3 times and then it jumps into gear. Then it drives fine???
my power window and a/c system wont work at all. it is 110 degrees and i cannot drive my car because the a/c does not work and i cannot roll down my windows
Want to disconnect sun roof from operating.Know where fuses are located but none are marked as running sun roof.
sometime over a small bump....not always...pump will make a small buzzing sound ..bzz..at times
How do I replace my a/c transducer. All forums I've read with my problem (just heat, very hot, from vents with compressor running, but no cold air)say the transducer only lasts a decade to 15 years.
my passenger front side tire does not respond to my steering the driver side tire does
i cant get the heater blower to come on. when i turn it all the way up it clicks 1 time
why come my battery doesnt charge in the car?
How much is an estimate to put another engine in my car including labor.
One headlight went out on my Dodge. I do not have the owner's manual. Is it simply a matter of replacing a bulb or do I have to replace the entire headlight unit?
have no flashers or hazards, fuses ok