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I applied the brakes at 35mph and nothing happened, no matter how many times I pumped the pedal. I have read this is a problem with other Durangos but they deny my model year has the problem. Big BS. The only solution...
I have a code flashing on my dashwhere the low tire indicator is & it flashes 60X's. I removed all the sensors from the wheels and it stayed on,which I understand is normal, But I recently replaced my battery, the lig...
when I went to go start it there was a really bad knocking noise and it died it won't stay started for more then 10 seconds. It's not leaking any fluid and my check engine light never came on. I lost my steering and b...
I have read post that says to take out fuse and turn key but cant find fuse
they come off the wire harness on the right side go behind the throttle body and look like they go under the intake mine are burned in two can I get to them by taking the intake off?
now it will not stay runing if i tuch the gas& it will not go into overdrive
this problem occurs once every 30~ 40 days, when i restart again, it starts immediately and run smothely again.
The left front break gets smoking hot. What should I do?
or even when i try to slowdown. then i have to restart it again on N. thanks in advance.
car was going fine and then all of a sudden a red flashing light appeared on the dash
the car ran and turned over fine. went to start it today after work and the key wont even turn at all. it is like the ignition is stuck. what would be the solution for repair
I'm buying a 2007 Durango and the previous owner never put the car in 4H or 4L for four years and always had the car in 2H. Could this be a problem?