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having problems with the driver side window, it won't go up but all other windows are working fine.

Can the filter be changed without any problems

Replaced Rear ABS Speed Sensor​. Still same thing. Also week before 50amp starter fuse keeps blowing so I hooked up a toggle switch temporary. Now the speedometer and ABS Light. Also no reverse lights and A/C blower not working either? Where do I start next? Ideas?

Can drive short trips the tank is fuel

Battery keeps dying. Need to get new one, thinking its electrical issue.

Oil pressure gauge did same thing next time I left it ideal

I just charged the a/c in my Durango an the air did not come out an colder then before when they system was absolutely empty. After I charged it, it started blowing the refrigerant out of the top of then compressor where the lines come in almost like it was purging itself. But I didn't over fill the system. An the compressor clutch engages then dis engaged an non stop does it every 3 seconds

Checked battery all good there just changed plugs ,wirers, cap and rotor . Timing might have been a hair off but was running great minutes before it stalled

It zometimes turnsover but will not start

We check ttuck regulary and. Lately been having to afd transmissoon fluid

My "mechanic" took the pump off and hasn't returned. Now I'm stuck with several bolts and different lengths. I need help

Seems to be coming from the fan in the front casing of the cooling system... but someone said it may be the power steering pump...but my fluids are fine and it doesn't make any noises when i turn.. it's not running hot.. it's idling about 19 mph... I'm worried I'll get charged for things i don't need.. Connie

Gascap light on dash and checkengine light. Test error found to be massive evap leak. Anyone encounter this? I hear many people getting cascap light on speedometer but seldom a cascap problem. More often something to do with gas tank tube or check valve

The memory profiles work but it no longer moves back when car is turned off and then up to the memory position when turned on.

All doors are closed. Lights knob is turned to auto.

Not sure if there is water in the gas tank

I've had this car for a year and a half. Last year the computar module that regulates the voltage that my alternator gives out stopped working so the dealer replaced it, I had to replace the battery and alternator also. Flash forward 1 year later my Durango now sometimes doesn't want to start. The first problem occurred when I tried to start it and there was no crank at all, my radio worked and all my lights would come on all I heard was once single click, but it didn't happen all the time. There would be times where I could go weeks without it happing. Now it has a new problem on top of not starting. I drove it to the store and when I went to get back into my Durango I turned it the key and it wouldn't start no crank at all but as I was turning the key the dash board lights were flashing and the radio was also, I finally got it to turn over after about 20 seconds of it trying to turn over. What could be going on? I've taken it to 4 different mechanics 2 of them being dodge dealerships and no one can find out what's wrong. The one dodge dealership said I needed a new battery so I took the battery to the shop that I purchased it from and they tested it only for it to come back as good.

No leak in water pump, hoses even heater coil

I had my truck in the shop because it was stalling and running rough! He put a new computer, crankshaft sensor! I got it out of the shop and it still stalls and runs rough! I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the Erg valve! After all of that it still don't run right! So what else could it be?

My truck can go days and run fine and then all of a sudden it stalls and act like it don't want to go.

fan switch works, all positions work ( defrost, dash, and floor.) the heat is always on.

engine will light came while driving that says check gauges.

Truck sways real bad

There is no problem yet. I put a new pump in and tank had a small leak. I took fuel pump back out to get tank repaired. The sock was discolored very bad after a few hours run time on new pump. Tank is steel.

The driver's seat is worn out and uncomfortable. Can I take it out and put in the front passenger seat that looks almost new?

4wd doesn't work at all.


The third window on the driver side

It sticks and doesn't want to go in gear out of park sometimes.

battery cables corroded, but fixed it,battery charged