When I turn the lights on they flash after 5 /10 min's of driving turn them off then turn them back on and the same changed the headlight switch and same checked in the steering column found 2 wires fraied, fixed that and changed the multifuntion switch same problem airbag light is on

runs all day with ac off, no light comes on there is a noise coming from alt and compresser area I think, it not loud12.46 volts on battery

ON 09/22/2016 my 2013 Dodge RAM (the Model would not give me a truck option on this web site) 1500 Longhorn Laramie 4x4 (45,000 miles) would NOT SHUT OFF! I know that's different! It eventually shut itself off after running for over 20 mins. I called on my ASSIST button on my mirror and they told me I had to take it to the dealer. I had just had my 45,000 mile service done on it and had no other issues (ever) with this truck. I disconnected my travel trailer (I was starting my vacation to the mountains) and drove to the dealer after calling them to tell them I was on my way. Upon arrival the truck shut down immediately (amazing right). The service advisor wanted to charge me just to look at it. I flatly refused and informed him that I just had the truck in for service and they must had broken something. He got the Service Manager who came out with his tablet and did a quick diagnostic and said it was the PCM (Power Control Module). He told me if there were no other problems to drive it to the mountains and continue to monitor it. He did not know how to stop it from running. I went on vacation and eventually had to take to a dealer up there who also said it was the PCM and they ordered the part (its under warranty) that would come in AFTER I got back home. I went home and while there the truck developed OTHER problems like not going above 12MPH and taking off in reverse. I had it towed to my hometown dealer who later said it was the PDC (Power Distribution Center) and that it was not under warranty. They have now gotten a new PDC ($700.00) installed and they now say the truck is still running "somewhat" but it needs the PCM...STILL. So what came 1st, the chicken or the egg? If the PCM was the initial culprit and caused the PDC to go bad...then I may get my dealer/warranty to cover the entire cost of this repair.

Heated seats, alarm key, interior lights when car is off and doors won't lock when pressing button on door when car is off.

The vehicle check engine light is on. The vehicle frequently hesitates when you push on the gas. I want to know how do you check a governor solenoid, governor pressure sensor or the Throttle Position Sensor?

I packed the truck this morning with no problems. When I went back to start it it can not start.

hi i change crank sensor,pick-up coil ,test the ignition coil to other car its working,my suv is 5.9 slt durango 2003

In the manual it says you can switch it from key to battery but doesn't actually tell you or show you how exactly how. We have no clue please help

it loses oil pressure when i stop and smelled bad.

Low oil, no spark

how do you change out the driver side headlamp

Trying to accelerate quickly is impossible at this point. It is as if it can't change gears on its own; 1st and 2nd are fine. I have to let off gas until under 2500rpm and then slowly press on gas to get to the speed I need. When it gets to 3000rpm it jerks as if it can't get the gas it needs. Engine light is on.

Still no brake lights.

nothing comes out the front vents at all

my Durango one day decided it didn't want to go into gear (drive), then it went to reverse. I was slowly losing my ability to go into any gear. what is the problem

Emergency brake I broke under vehicle in middle and the emergency brake got pushed down and can't release cause cable is all broke how do I release to get the flashing e brake light off?

Bad valve seat, machine shop fixed, put back together, replaced crankshaft sensor,still happens

If I take my foot off the gas the truck dies

everytime I run over a bump my Park light fuse blow and every time I stick a fuse in my four wheel drive it blows also

Reluctor rings change 16. T ooth onto a 32 tooth crankshaft old eng ine 2000 4.7L new engine 2003 4.7 ?

Will the reluctor wheels for crankshaft and camshaft from a 2000 4.7 fit on the crankshaft and camshaft of a 2003 4.7 ???

I feel this is an issue that needs fixing.

My Brother in law didn't replace pressure cap properly on after adding stop leak , for a minor leak in radiator hose. This just happened 2days ago. Should I have Radiator flushed. Should I add New coolant to it? My reserve is full.

It occurs while truck is running, it also idles & stalls out on me when this occurs.


What is it going to take as in electronic parts wire harness, PCM, what all do I need please help

Put a 2003 4.7 engine into my 2000 that had a 4.7 in it now it will not start what do have to change to get it to run? Do I have to

Trying to figure out why my left gate stop working. It will not open with the key or the handle. Why did it stop working?


I recently got an oil change like 2 weeks ago and now it has been having trouble starting up. It hesitates and feels like there's low power at first i thought it was just my alternator but I found out it wasn't and now it wont go passed 20mph