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when it gets to high temp the coolent pours out under the hood! I can refill the bottle and the temp goes back to normal. No water in the oil. No odd sounds. Otherwise runs great.
It has been getting a little louder and I noticed my tire was starting to cup.
My passenger window won't go up or down I tried to use the driver side button but it won't work still
I tied to use the driver side but it's still not working
I have no off road driving with these vehicles. No hard driving. The steering columns on both the 98 & 06 Durangos have to be defective & Chrysler needs to pay the cost for this yet they just tell me there's nothing ...
Are there recalls on 2004 Dodge Durango
It doesn't matter where I am, if I am on gravel or tar, or if going fast or slow. It randomly shuts off everything when I am driving and after sitting on the side of the road for 5-10 minutes it starts back up. The cr...
the transmission shifts hard at 20 and 30 mph, I have checked the fluid level and it is good, also there are no trouble codes in the computer.
this started in a very weird way I drove to work everything was fine parked the truck came out bout 20 min later started the truck and all of the sudden the steering wheel started spining to the right very fast. I ca...
already replaced starter usually starts after it starts first time but after a hour or two does same thing
starter went out want to see if there are any other years i can replace it with
I had an oil change today and the lights came on. I pushed the ESP button but no change.
Brand new 1500 5.7, hit a bump in the road and the engine light goes on (twice so far). O2 sensor replaced and happened again. Something loose? any ideas?
i think my car is runnig to rich it will not stayrunning on a ideal it runs ruff
it wont start unless i hold the gas peddle to the floor
I just brought my 2005 dodge durango,so how do I find out if my truck ever had a recall on it?
My taillights/breaklights stop working the only light that work is the one on the top of the hatch & I changed all the bulbs so they are good, all the fuses are good so what am i missing please help
My battery went out so I bought a new one 2 weeks ago. It was running fine till two days ago. I went to turn on and only the inside light will come on. So I then tried to turn on again a dew hours later and it was com...
I replaced started,battery and a wire to the ignition burned-out and pcm Had a bad code replace it to.still no start had it on charge all nite and still something is killing the battery. It wont start but cranks over...
I don't know where to check the fluid in the transfer case, I don't even know where the transfer case is but it won't go back to 2wd please help me.
The suv needs an alignment and a tuneup. Took it to the dealership for an oil change got it back and started to make that whining noise. Took it back and they said the noise was the fuel pump sending signals everywher...
New battery, new plugs w/ .040 gap, new crankshaft sensor, newer camshaft position sensor, coolant temp. sensor looked good. It started on a really cold morning and has not started since. When i turn the key it turns...