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No leak in water pump, hoses even heater coil

I had my truck in the shop because it was stalling and running rough! He put a new computer, crankshaft sensor! I got it out of the shop and it still stalls and runs rough! I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the Erg valve! After all of that it still don't run right! So what else could it be?

Truck sways real bad

When I put the key in to start will not start .. after a while it. Starts but when I cut off and take key out .. the truck cuts back on all dash lights without a key!

Heated seats, alarm key, interior lights when car is off and doors won't lock when pressing button on door when car is off.

If I take my foot off the gas the truck dies

My vehicle want start? It cranks, but isn't getting fuel.

Driver side rear on driver side was hit by a driver and my whole rear suspension is shifting to left side only need rear pullback in place and out. How much will this cost.

It's been sitting now for a few years because as a female I don't know anything about a truck and I don't have the funds to take it to different people.

All I know is when you start it up, it runs for a few moments and then shut off.


I replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat, temp sensor and both radiator hoses but still over heats, also it blow out cold air what temp gauge is at normal operating temp. Why?

All my Windows stopped working none of them want to go down and i dont know how to fix them

I just had the head gasket replaced and the heads machined. Now I am getting this code just 2 days after picking my truck up from the shop. What will cause this to happen? If the heads were not machines correctly....could that cause the Tramsmission Control System Malfunction?

Problem only occurs in cool climate. When ambient temp is above 75 degrees, everything works fine.

My Durango has trouble code 750 and the dealer says I need to replace the solenoid pack. I was quoted $1000 for the parts and labor for that and the filters to be replaced. In an attempt to same some money, I'm willing to try the repair myself. If it involves removing the valve body or anything complex I'll pass on the attempt....if it's just a matter of dropping the pan and swapping parts easily, I'll try. How complex is this repair?

Blower fan stopped working, after going through a car wash. Started First by blowing irradically, on off high low back and forth. I cut the power off on the controls, and it kept blowing. It continued, to do this for about a day until it now will not blow at all. My rear fan blows well and works well. Its just the front fan that will not blow. On top of all this I had some problems before and just recently replaced the blower fan and blower fan resistor, about a month ago after my previous fan was having issues, however they were nothing like this. After replacing this stuff my fan blew great for a while. After it stopped working I thought that maybe the blower fan I bought was defective. I returned it and got another one and put it in. Before bolting it I saw that the fan was indeed turning. I bolted it in, turned the truck on only to find that even though the Air is set to High mode, there is no air coming out, or very little at all. I can feel just enough to tell there is some coming out, but definitely not HIGH mode operation. Other thing I have done recently are replace blower motor relay under the hood and checked fuses. However I do not have an owners manual and couldnt locate the fuse diagram inside the vehicle. I found the box, but I dont know which one is for ac or fan, I looked it up on google and saw that it should be a 15 blue, so I pulled all the 15 blues but they were all good. I'm at a loss...Any ideas what is going on???