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I'd like to get a picture of the problem part for reference thank s fcm or bcm or which ever module you think it is
when it gets to high temp the coolent pours out under the hood! I can refill the bottle and the temp goes back to normal. No water in the oil. No odd sounds. Otherwise runs great.
I just brought my 2005 dodge durango,so how do I find out if my truck ever had a recall on it?
My taillights/breaklights stop working the only light that work is the one on the top of the hatch & I changed all the bulbs so they are good, all the fuses are good so what am i missing please help
Car shakes uncontrollably also. If I rev up the engine to try to keep car on it still almost gasps for air , if I let the rpm go under 3 rpms it will turn off??? Any suggestions????
Its also leaking antifreeze and has no heat. I can drive it in city but not on highway
I need to replace the front shocks and I am not sure how to do that. All I am finding is how to do a 2wd.
Wasbin accident abs was fixed then abs light stayed on check engine light and the speedometer and odometer stopped working..then abs went off and speedo worked but not odometer until slid on black ice and hit gaurdrail
stuck in down position if moving along you can put your foot on the brake to stop it
brake pedal stuck, will go down does not come back up