4wd doesn't work at all.

battery cables corroded, but fixed it,battery charged

My mechanic said that my durango needs the ABS pump replaced I took it in with the brake light on

My heat or air will not blow

Lead, copper, brass? Are they easy to replace?

I had a tune up 2 weeks ago and a tranny flush & new filter w/in last 6 months. when I picked up car it made a ticking noise. they said it could be lifters, or 2 other things but not sure. 6 days ago I threw a rod into block. wondering if during tune up they should have noticed perhaps the rocker arms or valve condition since check engine light had been on.. is there more they could have done to help prevent this from happening?

so happens and the good thing is i just started leasing my truck so its under warranty no $$$$$$ however i'll be making a 3 hour trip soon and i want to be safe and self assured thank you please reply. sheryl benton

want me to bring it in again they keep fixing it but it keeps popping back on

Check engine light is on and running sluggish when going up hills

this second one change since I got beginning of the month

I recently took my Durango into the mechanic because even though the engine would turn on, as soon as I took my foot off the gas, it would stutter and die. Prior to this happening there had been no issues. It had been driving normally, was parked in the drive way for a few hours then wouldn't run correctly. The mechanic initially told me it was the spark plugs and wiring and replaced them accordingly. Afterward, he said the "fix" actually didn't fix the problem and would continue to investigate further. A few days later he called to tell me he had found a broken piston and that I needed to replace the whole motor. How did we go from worn out spark plugs to needing a whole new motor? And should I pay for the repairs that didn't fix the problem?