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the transmission shifts hard at 20 and 30 mph, I have checked the fluid level and it is good, also there are no trouble codes in the computer.
I don't know where to check the fluid in the transfer case, I don't even know where the transfer case is but it won't go back to 2wd please help me.
We are going through a gallon of antifreeze a week. There's no evidence of it leaking out on the ground. Where could it be going and what could be causing it?
Is this just a sign it needs a tune up, or something more like fuel injector cleaning? Engine light is not on. Cleaned air filter (life time style), don't recall when the fuel filter was changed last.
Hello there, please this is my 2003 dodge durango the AC air working in very good condition but air in front side dosen`t come out only come out from defrost and floor side
spark and fuel won't start how do i check timing chain and head gaskets
the transmission oil and filter was change recently so the oil level is proper and no any massage or warning code so please guid me now im try to start at 2ed gear manual thanks, Amer,
2003 Dodge Durango SXT 4.7L v8 - Replaced all 8 ignition coils and 8 spark plugs and keep getting Error Code P0357. What could be the cause & how do you repair??
It did fine all the way to walmart and as soon as I got right at the door of walmart fixing to park it completely shut off. While my fiancé was looking under the hood a guy came by and helped us out and after going th...
Trying to find out if we need the motor with or without rear carrier mount