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starter went out want to see if there are any other years i can replace it with
I had the piggytail wiring replaced in 2010 and a week later I had to replace the risitor as well because it blew out. The it blew about a month later and I had to have the resisitor replaced again, so a week ago it h...
come on and you can hear the switch click but it is not jumping into 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive.
the handle works but doesn't feel like its engaging anything.. the key won't make its full turn when inserted. tried prying it open some but didn't want to damage it. what is causing this ? how can i fix it ?
Vehicle was in an accident...another repair shop 'fixed' to discover that they blew my engine. Vehicle would need to be towed to shop as it is non functional but have engine in entirety
ok i changed the cps and the cmps it ran good but i taking for a drive and it still stalled and it will not start i let go for like two hr and it started i drive a littie bit and it stalls again and will not start.
Replaced both sensors cam/shaft checked fuel power to all acc. but will not fire all relays checked and tested no spark from COP at all where do you go next ecm was replaced and still same problem.... HELP....
my Durango keeps stalling i changed the cps and the fuel pump and now it will not start and my fuel gauge reads empty and there is a 1/2 TANK of gas
have a 4 wheel drive when i go forward and backward it drives fine .when i turn a sharp corner it acts like the back brakes lock up until it goes straight again what is wrong
i replaced the crankshaft sensor but now the codes i get is p0340,p1391,p1767 it only started stilling three day ago
It has also started to like skip when I am trying to accelerate but then will kick back in and take off. Aslo does a chugging.
1, is there a way I can manually put transfer back into 2wd, other then fuses what would cause Tcase position switch to not work?
We replaced the gasket and lid then it blew again. The engines sounds funny when you try to start the car. What could be wrong?