The driver's seat is worn out and uncomfortable. Can I take it out and put in the front passenger seat that looks almost new?

Low oil, no spark

everytime I run over a bump my Park light fuse blow and every time I stick a fuse in my four wheel drive it blows also

Started with occasional dying, then occasional no start .. full tank but now gauge rests on empty. Security light flashes, abs break and low gas light comes on occasionally with no start. Third time Mechanic said it's fine only to have symptoms return almost immediately. Have put in New fuel pump and map sensor, and battery cables. Different results each time I attempt to start the truck including no bus in odometer space, check engine, gas and security lights... sometimes it starts then dies. Sometimes runs great for days.. This is an 01 durango 5.9 L ..

Went to emissions report not ready for drive cycle from dodge did pro and my O.B.F still says Inc any ideas

Taking off the old head I heard a clunk. I think the rear piston fell. Is that possible? I just want to get this thing put back together should I have piston and rings done on left side of engine? And is it possible for the piston rod broke from the clunk noise? Thanks

P0320. New cam and crank. Goes into limp mode after 15 mins driving

Hi There!
My name is Kaelyn and I drive a 2001 Dodge Durango. Normally I let my car warm up first before driving it, unfortunately I did not today. As soon as I drove off the check engine light came on and the truck kept stalling all day. It only stalls when im at a stop sign and my foot is not also on the gas pedal as well as the brake. I had AutoZone run a diagnostic on the truck and the only code that popped up was P0121. It said the sensor did not "agree" with MAP. How do I get my truck to change its mind... -.-?

Just replaced both front wheel hubs and new propeller shaft c/v joint, drove it down the road in 4 hi and thought it was good until I turned into driveway to return home, grinding sound came from front end and could tell it didn't want to move freely anymore. Returned it to 2wd and backed up a few feet and it went away.
This sound only happens when I turn when in 4 wheel drive, could this be the front differential making this noise? I am a good mechanic but never messed with a 4x4 before so any info is greatly appreciated

I in a highway And the shut off

CODE 68 MOTOR CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION FOR A 2001 Dodge Durango • 4.7L V8 4WD Automatic • 168,000 miles Abs/brake light is on.I replaced the Abs pump Control Module Still Have the code # 68 Motor Circuit Malfunction.I was told it could be a connector or the hydraulic control unit (HCU). I erased it Drove Down the Road, Abs/Brake Light Comes back on. Same code is read ! My Question Does Anyone Know How To Fix Or Correct This Problem or Code.